Granary Barns wedding photography of Rachel & Chris

Everything about Rachel and Chris’s wedding was simply elegant. A lot of hard work and precise preparations had gone into this day with plenty going on but the whole day being completely seamless. I had spoken to them both about the wedding plans a while back and I knew that they had quite a lot to get together before the big day (not only that, the venue was still being refurbished at the time!) Sometimes you feel obliged to manage people’s expectations as to what is involved in planning a wedding but with these guys, I had absolute confidence in their drive and ability. Great teamwork, ably supported by family and friends, will get you the wedding you want – but it will also be a fantastic foundation for the life ahead. And with all this, I think they’re going to have a brilliant life! This wedding had so much for everyone – style, grace, elegance, cakes (lots of cakes), even a little bit of early spring sunshine. It was intimate and spectacular at the same time. As we like to show off at weddings (everyone from Mum’s new hat to the tiniest details on the tables), it was the little moments that made it for me; the little looks, holding hands and the cheeky high-fives when no one was looking. Beautiful simple chemistry that made the Granary Barns wedding photography of Rachel & Chris an absolute joy. Keep an eye out for the hen parties highly choreographed and flawlessly executed dance at the end of the evening, superb work ladies. Next time, it’ll be the boys doing the routine! Special mention to Amy and her team at The Granary Barns who made the whole day flow effortlessly. Did I mention there were also lots of cakes?

Gosfield Hall spring wedding | Just One

Spring has well and truly sprung! And not a moment too soon – after a wet and windy winter, it is great to be having a proper spring days. The sunshine was almost electric for Meera and Tim’s Gosfield Hall spring wedding, let’s hope this bodes well weather-wise for the rest of the year. Bright, low-lying sun can be a problem for some photographers but really, it’s a great problem to have! Meera looked absolutely radiant throughout, undeniably the loveliest part of the day. The wedding ceremony itself was in the village of Little Maplestead, near where Tim grew up, in the ancient and historic of St John the Baptist (or The Round Church). This was their second wedding as they had a Hindu ceremony the week before so I imagine a genteel English village church and country house wedding reception was probably very different to just seven days previous. Two weddings is a rare treat although I think the various speech writers were under pressure to come up with fresh material twice! They managed it and stylishly done too.

Granary Barns Woodditton spring wedding | Just One

Ooh, I do like a good confetti moment. I love it when I look through the images from the day and I see all the joy, smiles, laughter and happiness. None more so than those moments when a bride and groom walk through the crowd of all their friends and family having confetti thrown at them, everyone getting involved cheering them on. Testament to Rachel and Chris was this fantastic reception they got as they walked down the church path after their wedding ceremony and were greeted by so many smiling faces. Such a lovely couple, unsurprising but well deserved. There was so much to their wedding, every detail had been engineered meticulously and even the early spring sunshine made a welcome appearance (well organised guys). Granary Barns Woodditton spring wedding Plenty more photographs from their fantastic wedding day at The Granary Barns, Woodditton spring wedding to follow soon but here is just one of my favourites from a very happy day indeed.

Suffolk family photographer

Aaah, back in those heady days of 2013, when the sun shone. Remember those days, before all this rain? It’s hard, I know but trust me, I have photographic evidence to prove that at some point, we had sunshine (and we weren’t under two feet of mud and water.) On one of those brilliant sunny mornings back in November I was lucky enough to photograph Cate and her family in the woods in Polstead. Woods + small children … it can only mean one thing … Gruffalo hunting! Perfect opportunity for a little adventure. Add in some late autumn sunshine filtering through golden leaves and you have the perfect day for some family photos. Two angelic and well behaved kids (well done parents, good work) but with a definite cheeky glint in their eyes, up for running around and getting some fun photos. Perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!  

Hengrave Hall summer wedding photos of Lizzy & Neil

 summer wedding wouldn’t be a summer wedding without the threat of a little bit of rain. Lizzie and Neil’s Hengrave Hall summer wedding was no different – the start of the day was tipping down, time to get the umbrellas out. Hengrave Hall is stunning all year round, even when it rains. It’s much better when it’s sunny, obviously (!) but I know there’s  plenty of opportunities to get stunning photos whatever the weather. This rain wasn’t going to put a dampener on the day – I don’t I’ve chuckled so much during the start of a wedding day, if there were any nerves from Lizzy and Neil, no one was showing it. We might have needed umbrellas on the way into the wedding ceremony in the chapel but we didn’t need them on the way out. It went from grey, grisly and wet to blisteringly hot in the space of a few wedding vows. How cool is that, someone was smiling down on us. Beautiful weather for a beautiful couple. By the end of the wedding reception on the terrace, guests were looking for shade to hide from the heat of the sun. Someone else feeling the heat was Neil during his best man’s speech. Phew, that was a bit of a scorcher. One of my favourite times at a summer wedding is after the meal, when the sun is just settling on the horizon, everyone is fed, watered and relaxed, perfect to kick back and enjoy the last bit of the day before the evening party starts. A few stretches from Lizzy and then into the first dance and the party into full swing. Belting night!

Callow Hall wedding photos of Emma & Will

p to the incredibly beautiful countryside of Derbyshire for Emma and Will’s wedding at Callow Hall. The weather might have been a little grey but the surroundings made up for that, every part of the day we were spoilt with lush greenery and spectacular views – even the drive back from the church was through some of the most quintessentially English countryside (there was no way we going to drive through this without stopping for a few photos!) Even the marquee at Callow Hall had a spectacular view and with the weather being warm and dry enough to drop the sides to really make a spectacular impression. And the jewel in the crown of all this beauty was, of course, Emma herself. A little nervous in the morning, understandably, but after the ceremony I don’t think she stopped beaming with that gorgeous smile of hers! Will started the day off very confident but looked a little more anxious as the speeches drew closer – not only did he have two best men dishing the dirt but also his father managing proceedings and not being shy to chip in a few observations of his own through out the evening. Will made up for it by doing his bit on the dance floor, no nerves or the usual groom’s shyness about the first dance …he owned that dance floor! Special mention has to go to the loveliest vicar I’ve had the pleasure of working with – she went out of her way to make sure everyone who was involved in the day felt part of it, a rare skill indeed. And just when I thought all her hard work was done, she surprised us all by pulling out a bubble machine halfway through her sermon. Along side me videoing the day was the ever entertaining and hugely talented Dan Neatherway of From the Hip – if you need a wedding video, I can highly recommend checking out his films!

Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos of Clare and Luke

Clare and Luke had everything sorted for their wedding. And then, a couple weeks beforehand, things started to unravel, karma was keeping them on their toes. Their original photographer had some sad news and had to pull out of photographing their day and they contacted me. I was more than happy to take on the photography as the one thing I always look for when I meet a couple is great chemistry and these guys had it. I felt a little anxious to be stepping into someone else’s shoes but more than happy to be involved in a wedding with such a funny and generous couple. The marriage itself was at Clare’s local church in Cockfield, a beautiful Suffolk country church and then it was onto Smeetham Hall Barn for the wedding celebrations. I like Smeetham Hall Barn as it’s a large 16th century wood-beamed building that is pretty much empty to start with and every couple creates their own style for their day. One of the things that stood out was the handmade chocolate tractor favours – it was a bit of a clue as to what Luke’s second big love of his life. And, although Luke was beaming with pride throughout the whole day, I think one of the happiest moments was when Clare said they could have their photo taken next to a large tractor. Boys hey! Luke did pay for it in his best man’s speech though! Here are some of my favourite Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos from the day.

South Farm wedding photographer | Marie & Jesse

 was completely taken aback by how much work had gone into Marie and Jesse’s wedding – from the invites right through to the incredible amount of details on the day. What I enjoyed most about all the work was how personal and delicate it was. But most impressively was meeting them both on the day and seeing how relaxed and calm they were, genuinely excited about the day but completely unphased by it all. But that’s how to go about organising a wedding, get it all done before the day, invite great friends and family and then sit back and enjoy the process, it’s one amazing roller-coaster ride. It also helps when you are in the capable and highly professional hands of the good folk at South Farm making the whole process seamless. All you need is a little luck with the weather. Aaaah, the weather! A day of two halves. Beautiful blue skies at lunchtime with the occasional wisp of cloud on the horizon. But halfway through the ceremony, the rain hit. And boy, did it hit! Now, I’m always happy to go out and photograph in pretty much any weather but even I had second thoughts about this. Again, both Marie and Jesse were completely unphased by this, there was a wedding to enjoy and they certainly made the most of it. Many, many congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Poole! Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.