Swan Lavenham wedding photography

The Swan at Lavenham wedding photography

Spring has sprung! Well, it did for at least one day last week at Katie and Tim’s wedding at The Swan in Lavenham. We’ll ignore the rubbish weather the day before and the day after but just wallow in the glorious sunshine that we had for this lovely, intimate wedding. It gave us the ideal opportunity to be outdoors in the courtyard for the reception and then enjoy the old world charm of the wiggly wooden beamed rooms for the meal and evening.


Winter wedding at South Farm | Ellen & Rich

It was a typical November day for Ellen and Rich’s winter wedding at South Farm weather-wise. We had the full compliment of late autumn weather thrown at us but thankfully nothing to interrupt the running of the day (well, except the it started to drizzle just as we were doing a confetti shot which made the guests move fast into the reception. It could have been the rain or it could have been the promise of champagne and canapés that sped them up, I’m not totally sure…) One of the great advantages of South Farm is the relaxed atmosphere they create whilst everything is done so efficiently in the background which means that the weather is not much of a challenge for the day. Of course, we’d all love hot, sunny days to enjoy the gardens in but in November, well, you pretty much expect to be indoors for the whole day. Having any time outside is a real bonus.


Prestwold Hall wedding of Jennifer and Steve

This is a big blog post. Huge even. And, as much as I would like to apologise for those having to wait as the page takes it’s time to load, it’s all worth it. What an incredible day and what an incredible couple. So much individual care and attention had gone into organising the wedding and creating all the details for the day; work that both Steve and Jennifer had done themselves.

South Farm wedding photos

South Farm wedding photos

Aaah, spring! It feels like it’s finally sprung. The spring bulbs at South Farm looked confident enough to keep their heads above ground and make the most of the first bit of warm sunshine. A long week of checking the weather forecast watching it swing from cold and wet to warm and sunny, changing almost every hour but thankfully landing on a perfect weather for a spring wedding.

South Farm always seems to have the loveliest of couples and Ellie and Lee were no exception. A seriously impressive beard (Lee, not Ellie) and stunning looks, these two are brilliantly matched for each other. It was a real joy to be a part of their day. Here’s a couple of images from yesterday’s wedding, two images of many more that just make me smile!

Looking forward to posting the full wedding soon.

 South Farm wedding photos

Suffolk wedding photographer

Suffolk Tentipi wedding of Sarah and Dave

It had to be a sunny day for Sarah and Dave’s wedding. Dry would be okay but quite frankly not good enough. Tentipi wedding on a farm in Suffolk, only a day of glorious sunshine was going to cut it. And the weather didn’t disappoint – beautifully warm and sunny all day long.  Perfect. Now if only all wedding weather could be so obliging!

Nether Winchendon House wedding

Nether Winchendon House Summer wedding | Just One

Most wedding speeches are heart-felt. As a groom, you know that you have a long list of ‘thank yous’ to get through with the most important being to your new wife. Most grooms know this and stick to the basics – I always advise this as it then takes the nerves out of the day beforehand. Most grooms are as anxious about their speech as they are about any other part of their wedding (surprisingly, the first dance is probably the most nerve racking thing followed by the actual wedding ceremony then the speech). Occasionally a groom will feel confident enough to tell a few stories, expand on the whole speech a little.