OLEM Cambridge wedding photography

The last wedding of the year for me was a flying visit to Cambridge and the glorious church of Our Lady of English Martyrs for Catherine and David’s blessing. When I turned up to the church, my brain kicked into full technical mode, working out the best way to photograph the church and do justice to it’s splendour as well as work out the best way to cope with the typical cold and grey day outside – winter weddings are always tricky, even the simplest things at a summer wedding can become significant challenges in the darker months. My head was in full boring techno-mode when David and Catherine turned up – normally I’m with the bride for the preparations and I get to see the gradual build up to the day. But when Catherine arrived looking absolutely stunning in her dress, my breath was taken away. No more technical brain! (And just so David doesn’t feel left out, he looked pretty suave as well!) Look with charm and grace t’boot, perfect couple for such a lovely setting. It is part of David’s family tradition to be married at this church and it’s lovely to see this tradition carried on. Father Raf officiated the service, a true gent and refreshing change to have someone point out the best opportunities for photographs rather than give you that disappointed glare and read you the riot act! It all cane together for a charming and heartfelt service. We even managed a few group shots outside with out feeling the cold! OLEM Cambridge wedding photography.

Cambridge wedding photography


Norfolk wedding photography of Isabella and Ben

I‘m playing catch-up with blogging weddings from this year and the first bit of catch-up is the Norfolk wedding of Isabella and Ben from May. I drove up to North Norfolk on the Friday afternoon beforehand and the rain was lashing down sideways; I stopped off in Sheringham only to see the locals and tourists alike wrapped up in thick winter coats and woolly hats – I wasn’t getting the warm, early summer vibe I was hoping for! But yet again this year, the weather had kept us on our toes until the very last minute and the day itself turned out to be blue skies and rain free. If I had hair, this changing weather would be turning it grey! Rain or shine, this was going to be a great wedding, energy levels were off the charts and emotions were almost tangible. Unusually though, Isabella’s bridal preparations were pleasantly relaxed where as Ben was a bundle of nerves. St Martin’s Church in Overstrand is large but still managed to create a very intimate service and superbly guided by the vicar and his guitar. Off to the Sea Marge Hotel for the wedding reception, a short walk from the church. A blustery sea breeze kept most of the guest close to the hotel but Isabella and Ben were happy to venture off around the grounds – after the meal we even headed off to the beach for a few shots as well. Unfortunately the tide was in and waves were battering the shore which meant we couldn’t get onto the beach but every cloud has a silver lining in that one of Ben’s favourite hobbies is sea fishing. An unsuspecting fisherman dressed very sensibly in waterproofs and sou’wester was a little taken a back when an incredibly glamorous bride stepped up and asked if she could borrow his fishing rod for a few casts! A superb opportunity for some great and unusual photos, and a very happy memory of a bemused fisherman! And it will be one of many, many endearing memories of a stunning and unusual wedding from such a lovely couple. Norfolk wedding photography.


Beaumont Estate wedding photography of Tina and Matt

If there was one word to describe Tina & Matt’s wedding, it has to be “laughter”. Lots and lots of laughter! Brilliant to be around. So many little moments of pure fun dotted through out the day, some planned and some not, every little “ta da” and “finger dance”, hardly any part of the day went by when these two weren’t in stitches. Now …normally I’m the one trotting out a few poor jokes to try and get reactions for photographs but not this wedding! Their laughter and sense of fun was infectious and a joy to be a part of – if they have half as much fun for the rest of their lives that they had on their wedding day, they’re going to have a pretty spectacular life together. Beaumont Estate wedding photography at The White House is a new one for me and I was very pleasantly taken aback by how helpful and friendly the staff were & what a simply stunning place it is. It’s huge and with so many places this big, you can get lost in it’s sheer size and forgotten about. Not here, staff were lovely, helpful and relaxed. As for the building and grounds, if the weather had been a little warmer, I would happily have taken Tina and Matt off for a bit of a photographic adventure to make the most of the late autumn colours. But as ever with weddings this time of year, you have to treat the ability to get outdoors for a few shots as a bonus …let alone without turning blue. The evening reception and wedding breakfast were held in The Chapel at The White House and is truly stunning – only at a firework display have I heard so many guests “oooh” and “aaah” as they walked in.

Beaumont Estate wedding photography

Special thanks go to Matt’s staff – Minion One and Minion Two (or ushers to the rest of us – I suspect they may repay that compliment in due course!) and to Tina’s Maid of Honour, Simon. Here are a few of my favourite images from Beaumont Estate wedding photography.


South Farm winter wedding of Karen and Alex

We’re on the cusp of the chilly weather for the South Farm winter wedding of Karen and Alex – the leaves are golden brown and still on the trees but there is a definite winter feel in the air. Not quite enough for me to break out my woolly hat (Karen and Alex were spared that!) but enough to make any photography outdoors a challenge. We had to move quickly outdoors as turning blue in photographs is not a good look. I t might have been chilly weather but you couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception from Karen and Alex. Karen was beaming with excitement when I turned up to photograph the bridal preps, calm and in control. When I turned up at the church, Alex was fizzing with energy, you could tell he so keen to see Karen walk down the aisle. Throughout the day there was a quiet yet furious blur that was Karen’s brother with a ‘To Do’ list in one hand and a determined look on his face – imagine Billy Whizz in a morning suit.

I love the energy and connection these two have for each other – they couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other and couldn’t stop smiling all day. South Farm was the ideal backdrop for them, intimate, stylish with a huge heart. Here are some of  my favourite images from the day. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs. Job well done! South Farm winter wedding


Kew Gardens wedding photography of Katy and Rico

Organising a wedding in three weeks is no mean feat – organising a stylish, relaxed and fantastic wedding in three weeks is even harder. But Katy and Rico managed to do that and make the whole thing completely effortless on the day. They even managed to organise a gap in the blustery autumn weather and have a sunny, warm day. Now that really is organisation! The wedding ceremony was held at Wandsworth Town Hall, one of a few between the wars/art deco style town halls built in London that provides a great backdrop for any civil ceremony. Walking into the ceremony room, Katy was greeted by all the guests holding sunflowers, like walking into a field of yellow. After the ceremony, Katy and Rico drove off in Katy’s father’s 1970 Mercedes sports car (very cool car and I’m very jealous!), as the guests made their way to the reception at Cambridge Cottage, Kew Gardens by a single decker route master bus. Kew Gardens wedding photography never disappoints – Cambridge Cottage itself is a simple, elegant and stylish venue and the gardens themselves need little introduction, beautiful all year round. The speeches were a particular highlight for me, Katy’s father more than adept at public speaking with a pitch perfect introduction to the wedding; Rico’s father’s speech was deeply touching and heartfelt as was Rico’s speech (still rivers run deep). And Rico’s best man rose to the challenge of only a few days notice for an hilarious and well placed speech, a fine art even with plenty of notice.

Congratulations to Katy and Rico!


Megan & Chris’s Hengrave Hall wedding

This is when Australia met England in Suffolk. But this was the particularly glamorous and elegant version of the clash of the cultures – not the British Lions (where Australia lost …but we wont mention that) or the Ashes Series (where Australia lost as well but again, mentioning that would just be churlish). This was where the stunningly beautiful Megan met with the suave Chris along with their friends and family for a blummin’ good party. Hengrave Hall has the right combination of everything for a perfect wedding day – from that first “wow” moment as you see the Hall for the first time down the long drive, the grandeur of the rooms, the short walk to the ancient chapel and then the lawns and terrace to make the most of the late afternoon sunshine whilst enjoying champagne and canapés. Really what could be simpler, what could be better!


Suffolk family photography


Suffolk portrait photography

Great to be back at Priory Hall, Hadleigh. The last time I was here was for the wedding of Sophie and James and this time it was to photograph Sophie and James’s little boy, George. How cool is that! So lovely to see families growing and a real privilege to photograph it all as well. George was a real little superstar, cool as a cucumber and quite a suave fella for a toddler (he must get that from his Mum …). It was great to have the gardens at Priory Hall all to ourselves and a bit of a trip down memory lane for Sophie and James. It gave us plenty of opportunity to use all the different corners of their well worked and looked after estate. Everyone says it must be difficult photographing kids but in reality I have the easy part of the process – big thanks must to go the parents (usually the Mums) who stand behind me doing star jumps and jumping-jacks, pulling funny faces and waving an assortment of noisy and bright coloured toys. That’s not something they mention in the mother-to-be brochures. Then again, I wonder how Sophie would have reacted if I had mentioned to her as she stood in the gardens of Priory Hall on her wedding day, elegant in her amazing wedding dress, that in a couple of years time, she’d be jumping up and down trying to make her little boy smile. As you’ll see, she did a fantastic job and managed to make it all look so effortless when she’s in the photos herself. Mums …they really don’t get enough credit!