Suffolk wedding photographer

South Farm wedding photos

South Farm wedding photos

Aaah, spring! It feels like it’s finally sprung. The spring bulbs at South Farm looked confident enough to keep their heads above ground and make the most of the first bit of warm sunshine. A long week of checking the weather forecast watching it swing from cold and wet to warm and sunny, changing almost every hour but thankfully landing on a perfect weather for a spring wedding.

South Farm always seems to have the loveliest of couples and Ellie and Lee were no exception. A seriously impressive beard (Lee, not Ellie) and stunning looks, these two are brilliantly matched for each other. It was a real joy to be a part of their day. Here’s a couple of images from yesterday’s wedding, two images of many more that just make me smile!

Looking forward to posting the full wedding soon.

 South Farm wedding photos

Suffolk wedding photographer

Suffolk Tentipi wedding of Sarah and Dave

It had to be a sunny day for Sarah and Dave’s wedding. Dry would be okay but quite frankly not good enough. Tentipi wedding on a farm in Suffolk, only a day of glorious sunshine was going to cut it. And the weather didn’t disappoint – beautifully warm and sunny all day long.  Perfect. Now if only all wedding weather could be so obliging!

Nether Winchendon House wedding

Nether Winchendon House Summer wedding | Just One

Most wedding speeches are heart-felt. As a groom, you know that you have a long list of ‘thank yous’ to get through with the most important being to your new wife. Most grooms know this and stick to the basics – I always advise this as it then takes the nerves out of the day beforehand. Most grooms are as anxious about their speech as they are about any other part of their wedding (surprisingly, the first dance is probably the most nerve racking thing followed by the actual wedding ceremony then the speech). Occasionally a groom will feel confident enough to tell a few stories, expand on the whole speech a little.

Hertfordshire engagement photos

Hertfordshire engagement photos

Dominoes. Serious business. Hugely competitive. Well, it is for Ellie and Rich.

We started our engagement shoot in the pub where they used to play dominoes together – a quick mock up game turned into something serious. No mercy given. Time to head out over to the park before things got messy. I loved this shoot as every part of it was significant to Ellie and Rich; the pub; the park and the views over to St Albans Cathedral. IT didn’t take much to bring out the chemistry of these two, they just fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Can’t wait to post their wedding photos from South Farm …coming soon!

chippenham park wedding

Chippenham Park wedding photography of Becky and Will

Chippenham Park wedding photography

Just catching up with my blog posts with Becky and Will’s wedding at Chippenham Park from last summer …and the images just make me smile. Smile a lot! What an incredible day – what an incredible couple. You are not likely to meet two more lovely and genuine people. And, apart from a few understandably nervous moments before the ceremony, I don’t think either of them stopped smiling all day. Great friends, great family made my job all that much easier.

Chippenham Park is quite simply beautiful. A grand family home with incredible gardens that go on forever. I could have spent all day photographing there and very much look forward to going back sometime soon. We had a few anxious moments with a drop of rain as the wedding party turned up to the park but thankfully it was a very brief drop. Plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the gardens. We were even blessed with a bit of glorious sunshine!

Glemham Hall wedding photographer

Glemham Hall weddings winter wedding of Emma and Daniel

Glemham Hall weddings

Crisp, clear and wonderfully sunny day for Emma and Daniel’s wedding at Glemham Hall – a bit sunshine is always a bonus for a winter’s day. Glemham Hall looks great all year round but it really glows in the sun. It has an elegant grandeur of an historic house as well an eccentric charm of an old family home, somewhere with a “wow” factor as well as somewhere you can feel at home. Perfect backdrop for a wedding!

farm wedding photography

Farm wedding photography | Just One

Farm wedding photography. The joy about being the daughter of a chamomile farmer is that you can plan your wedding to be a couple of days before the harvest. And then plan to take a horse and carriage ride through these amazing fields. Apart from the incredible scene, the smell was just incredible! I love this shot of Charlotte and Pete, slightly magical, almost if they are riding through the clouds.

More from this wonderful wedding to follow soon.