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chippenham park wedding

Chippenham Park wedding photography of Becky and Will

Chippenham Park wedding photography

Just catching up with my blog posts with Becky and Will’s wedding at Chippenham Park from last summer …and the images just make me smile. Smile a lot! What an incredible day – what an incredible couple. You are not likely to meet two more lovely and genuine people. And, apart from a few understandably nervous moments before the ceremony, I don’t think either of them stopped smiling all day. Great friends, great family made my job all that much easier.

Chippenham Park is quite simply beautiful. A grand family home with incredible gardens that go on forever. I could have spent all day photographing there and very much look forward to going back sometime soon. We had a few anxious moments with a drop of rain as the wedding party turned up to the park but thankfully it was a very brief drop. Plenty of opportunity to get out and enjoy the gardens. We were even blessed with a bit of glorious sunshine!

south farm weddings

South Farm weddings | Just One

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he calm after the storm. Getting married in January in the UK, you can pretty much guarantee that the weather isn’t going to be brilliant. You could almost rely on it being pretty rubbish. But you might get one of those unseasonably mild and sunny days but you always look at days like that as a bonus rather anything more reliable. For Marie and Jesse’s South Farm wedding, the day started off well – a few grey clouds that drifted away to leave a crisp, blue sky and not too chilly. Perfect! After a quick chat with the brilliant and incredibly efficient staff at South Farm, we made plans to do the photos outdoors after the ceremony. Excellent, that’s usually the best option, photographically. It was about half way through the ceremony that the thunder started rumbling in the distance and a few rain drops could be heard on the roof. The registrar gave a reassuring smile and said “if it rains on your wedding day, it’s said that you will have a very luck life together ahead of you”. Well, we managed a quick photo outside before the rain came down. And it came down like I have never seen before, the sky went dark and the rain hit the roof so hard that you could barley hear the conversation inside the barn. If the weather was any judge, Marie and Jesse are in for a lot (A LOT!) of luck in their live together. And to be fair, I couldn’t think of a lovelier couple who deserve a lot of luck and happiness in the years to come.

And, as quickly as the storm came, it disappeared leaving behind a beautiful winter’s sky.

Weddings at South Farm


OLEM Cambridge wedding photography

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he last wedding of the year for me was a flying visit to Cambridge and the glorious church of Our Lady of English Martyrs for Catherine and David’s blessing. When I turned up to the church, my brain kicked into full technical mode, working out the best way to photograph the church and do justice to it’s splendour as well as work out the best way to cope with the typical cold and grey day outside – winter weddings are always tricky, even the simplest things at a summer wedding can become significant challenges in the darker months. My head was in full boring techno-mode when David and Catherine turned up – normally I’m with the bride for the preparations and I get to see the gradual build up to the day. But when Catherine arrived looking absolutely stunning in her dress, my breath was taken away. No more technical brain! (And just so David doesn’t feel left out, he looked pretty suave as well!) Look with charm and grace t’boot, perfect couple for such a lovely setting. It is part of David’s family tradition to be married at this church and it’s lovely to see this tradition carried on. Father Raf officiated the service, a true gent and refreshing change to have someone point out the best opportunities for photographs rather than give you that disappointed glare and read you the riot act! It all cane together for a charming and heartfelt service. We even managed a few group shots outside with out feeling the cold! OLEM Cambridge wedding photography.

Cambridge wedding photography

South Farm wedding

South Farm winter wedding of Karen and Alex

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’re on the cusp of the chilly weather for the South Farm winter wedding of Karen and Alex – the leaves are golden brown and still on the trees but there is a definite winter feel in the air. Not quite enough for me to break out my woolly hat (Karen and Alex were spared that!) but enough to make any photography outdoors a challenge. We had to move quickly outdoors as turning blue in photographs is not a good look. I t might have been chilly weather but you couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception from Karen and Alex. Karen was beaming with excitement when I turned up to photograph the bridal preps, calm and in control. When I turned up at the church, Alex was fizzing with energy, you could tell he so keen to see Karen walk down the aisle. Throughout the day there was a quiet yet furious blur that was Karen’s brother with a ‘To Do’ list in one hand and a determined look on his face – imagine Billy Whizz in a morning suit.

I love the energy and connection these two have for each other – they couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other and couldn’t stop smiling all day. South Farm was the ideal backdrop for them, intimate, stylish with a huge heart. Here are some of  my favourite images from the day. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs. Job well done! South Farm winter wedding

South Farm wedding

South Farm wedding of Fiona and Darren

South Farm weddings are always a lot of fun, it’s a lovely, intimate venue which always seems to attract great couples to celebrate their day. I must admit though, I was a little anxious about shooting a winter wedding there mainly as the majority of weddings I had shot there before I had been spoilt with glorious sunshine and the gardens in full bloom. A cold, grey November day was always going to be a challenge but as soon as I met Fiona and Darren, I knew there was nothing for me to be worried about – they are such a lovely couple with amazing chemistry, I knew we were in for a great day! And I was very grateful that they braved the outdoors for a wander around the grounds for photos. Fiona had made a huge effort with so much attention to detail, delicate, simple but so effective. As a consummate professional, I took upon myself to make sure that the selection of sweets was up to scratch – happy to say that a large selection of them passed inspection! It might have been a chilly start to the day but it was a rocking end to the evening, everyone had got involved in the day from start to finish, the sign of the strength of character of the couple. Here is a large selection of my favourite images from the day.

madingley hall weddings 035

Madingley Hall wedding photography of Marielle and Philip

Chilly start for Marielle and Philip’s Madingley Hall wedding photography. And it didn’t get much warmer as the day got on! A brief burst of sunshine later in the afternoon really brought out the best in Madingley Hall, a superb Cambridgeshire wedding venue, beautiful building and stunning grounds, a fantastic backdrop for a great couple.

madingley weddings

Madingley Hall wedding | Just One

I know, I know …technically this image is all wrong, both Marielle and Philip have their eyes shut. But I love their expressions and it sums up the emotion of walking through a group of your family and friends all throwing confetti at you. At first you think you will be able to do it stylishly, keep your cool and keep a graceful expression on your face. Give it two or three steps and that strom of confetti makes you speed up and duck for cover, it’s a fantastic feeling! Getting to the end of it is quite an achievement. It’s one of many of my favourite images from the Madingley Hall wedding photography of Marielle and Philip. More to follow soon.