Suffolk Wedding Photography

Sarah & Will’s Suffolk farm wedding

It was a blustery ol’ day for Sarah & Will’s Suffolk farm wedding. The weather certainly kept us on our toes, gloriously sunny one minute, raining the next. Thankfully not enough to dent the enjoyment of a fantastic wedding. The marriage itself was held at the beautiful and ancient Church of St Michael’s in Framlingham. And then back to Sarah’s parent’s farm for the wedding reception (you can see the church spire from the farm). The marquee was set up on the edge of a field full of bright yellow rape […]

Granary Barns wedding photography of Rachel & Chris

EEverything about Rachel and Chris's wedding was simply elegant. A lot of hard work and precise preparations had gone into this day with plenty going on but the whole day being completely seamless. I had spoken to them both about the wedding plans a while back and I knew that they had quite a lot to get together before the big day (not only that, the venue was still being refurbished at the time!) Sometimes you feel obliged to manage people's expectations as to what is involved in planning a wedding but with these guys, I had absolute confidence in their drive and ability. Great teamwork, ably supported by family and friends, will get you the wedding you want - but it will also be a fantastic foundation for the life ahead. And with all this, I think they're going to have a brilliant life! This wedding had so much for everyone - style, grace, elegance, cakes (lots of cakes), even a little bit of early spring sunshine. It was intimate and spectacular at the same time. As we like to show off at weddings (everyone from Mum's new hat to the tiniest details on the tables), it was the little moments that made it for me; the little looks, holding hands and the cheeky high-fives when no one was looking. Beautiful simple chemistry that made the Granary Barns wedding photography of Rachel & Chris an absolute joy. Keep an eye out for the hen parties highly choreographed and flawlessly executed dance at the end of the evening, superb work ladies. Next time, it'll be the boys doing the routine! Special mention to Amy and her team at The Granary Barns who made the whole day flow effortlessly. Did I mention there were also lots of cakes?

Gosfield Hall spring wedding | Just One

Spring has well and truly sprung! And not a moment too soon - after a wet and windy winter, it is great to be having a proper spring days. The sunshine was almost electric for Meera and Tim's Gosfield Hall spring wedding, let's hope this bodes well weather-wise for the rest of the year. Bright, low-lying sun can be a problem for some photographers but really, it's a great problem to have! Meera looked absolutely radiant throughout, undeniably the loveliest part of the day. The wedding ceremony itself was in the village of Little Maplestead, near where Tim grew up, in the ancient and historic of St John the Baptist (or The Round Church). This was their second wedding as they had a Hindu ceremony the week before so I imagine a genteel English village church and country house wedding reception was probably very different to just seven days previous. Two weddings is a rare treat although I think the various speech writers were under pressure to come up with fresh material twice! They managed it and stylishly done too.

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Granary Barns Woodditton spring wedding | Just One

Ooh, I do like a good confetti moment. I love it when I look through the images from the day and I see all the joy, smiles, laughter and happiness. None more so than those moments when a bride and groom walk through the crowd of all their friends and family having confetti thrown at them, everyone getting involved cheering them on. Testament to Rachel and Chris was this fantastic reception they got as they walked down the church path after their wedding ceremony and were greeted by so many smiling faces. Such a lovely couple, unsurprising but well deserved. There was so much to their wedding, every detail had been engineered meticulously and even the early spring sunshine made a welcome appearance (well organised guys).

Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos of Clare and Luke

Clare and Luke had everything sorted for their wedding. And then, a couple weeks beforehand, things started to unravel, karma was keeping them on their toes. Their original photographer had some sad news and had to pull out of photographing their day and they contacted me. I was more than happy to take on the photography as the one thing I always look for when I meet a couple is great chemistry and these guys had it. I felt a little anxious to be stepping into someone else’s shoes but more than happy to be involved in a wedding with such a funny and generous couple.

The marriage itself was at Clare’s local church in Cockfield, a beautiful Suffolk country church and then it was onto Smeetham Hall Barn for the wedding celebrations. I like Smeetham Hall Barn as it’s a large 16th century wood-beamed building that is pretty much empty to start with and every couple creates their own style for their day. One of the things that stood out was the handmade chocolate tractor favours – it was a bit of a clue as to what Luke’s second big love of his life. And, although Luke was beaming with pride throughout the whole day, I think one of the happiest moments was when Clare said they could have their photo taken next to a large tractor. Boys hey! Luke did pay for it in his best man’s speech though!

Here are some of my favourite Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos from the day.


Spring wedding at Hengrave Hall

Now … I love fireworks. Every “ooh” and every “aaah”. Which is why I was checking the weather forecast for Vicki and Dean’s spring wedding at Hengrave Hall more than I would usually. Clear weather for the reception would be great but if it rained, we had a Plan B in place. But to have to cancel the fireworks because of rain would have been a disaster in my book! A little sun dance the night before seemed to do the trick and we had a picture perfect day. Tensions were running high before the ceremony and it was no surprise that the wedding itself was pretty emotional. Vicki and Dean were married in the beautiful wood pannelled banqueting hall followed by a mini-reception in the courtyard before heading over to the chapel for a blessing. And then the party started! Hengrave Hall is an incredible venue – it’s a perfect romantic backdrop for the ceremony and an even better place to kick back and enjoy champagne and canapés. Just to let us know that this was a wedding in England and that the weather is in charge, we had a fairly dramatic burst of rain during the reception (still, forecast for a dry evening for the fireworks, so we were okay there – not that I’m being selfish about this!) Superb meal followed by even better speeches – Dean chose his brother as best man and if anyone has access to incriminating information, it’s a good chance, it’ll be a brother. And Dean’s brother delivered! It was back into the banqueting hall for the evening’s entertainment, the hall now completely changed for the party ahead. Quick check of the weather, double check with the firework team of Fully Fused and then the moment arrived – and what a moment it was, Vicki and Dean were treated like the super stars they were!  […]

Megan & Chris’s Hengrave Hall wedding

This is when Australia met England in Suffolk. But this was the particularly glamorous and elegant version of the clash of the cultures – not the British Lions (where Australia lost …but we wont mention that) or the Ashes Series (where Australia lost as well but again, mentioning that would just be churlish). This was where the stunningly beautiful Megan met with the suave Chris along with their friends and family for a blummin’ good party. Hengrave Hall has the right combination of everything for a perfect wedding day – from that first “wow” moment as you see the Hall for the first time down the long drive, the grandeur of the rooms, the short walk to the ancient chapel and then the lawns and terrace to make the most of the late afternoon sunshine whilst enjoying champagne and canapés. Really what could be simpler, what could be better!


Engagement shoot with a difference

An engagement shoot with a difference. Well, sort of. This engagement shoot was done two days after Stephanie and Ian got back from their honeymoon! We had originally planned to do this shoot over a year ago but it was that week last summer when the rain started. You know that week, the one that lasted from about the beginning of April until the middle of September. When I was waiting at the original engagement shoot, I got a call from Stephanie saying “ummm…I wonder if we should postpone?” I was huddled under a tree which I was convinced was going to get uprooted by the wind. “Yeah …probably best” I replied. Thankfully the second attempt was a much (much) better day weather wise. Here is one of my favourites from the day – I did get a little bit of a funny look when I suggested disappearing into a hedge but all credit to them both, they were game for a laugh. […]