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Every couple of years, I'm lucky enough to get asked to photograph Olivia and Tristan's three daughters. It's a real privilege for me as the first time I was at Olivia's parent's house was to photograph Olivia before her wedding. Then, every couple of years...

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hengrave autumn wedding

Hengrave Hall autumn wedding photos of Emma & Ian

Just catching up with some blog posts from over the last year and posting a Hengrave Hall autumn wedding. Putting this blog post up about a season of hazy mist and chill air on today (early July), which is probably one of the hottest days of the year so far! Although today we are all sweltering in a mini-heat wave, looking at this wedding again takes me right back to that late autumn day with the drizzle dripping off the bare branches, the horizon barely visible in the grey mist, smell of burning bonfires and the temperature cold enough to make you want to pull your coat a little tighter around you but not so cold as to send you indoors. Thinking about it, a little blast of that cool air wouldn’t go a-miss today!

Swan Lavenham wedding photography

The Swan at Lavenham wedding photography

Spring has sprung! Well, it did for at least one day last week at Katie and Tim’s wedding at The Swan in Lavenham. We’ll ignore the rubbish weather the day before and the day after but just wallow in the glorious sunshine that we had for this lovely, intimate wedding. It gave us the ideal opportunity to be outdoors in the courtyard for the reception and then enjoy the old world charm of the wiggly wooden beamed rooms for the meal and evening.

Glemham Hall wedding photographer

Glemham Hall weddings winter wedding of Emma and Daniel

Glemham Hall weddings

Crisp, clear and wonderfully sunny day for Emma and Daniel’s wedding at Glemham Hall – a bit sunshine is always a bonus for a winter’s day. Glemham Hall looks great all year round but it really glows in the sun. It has an elegant grandeur of an historic house as well an eccentric charm of an old family home, somewhere with a “wow” factor as well as somewhere you can feel at home. Perfect backdrop for a wedding!

Hengrave Hall autumn weddings

Hengrave Hall autumn wedding photography of Laura and Selim

Hengrave Hall autumn wedding photography. Well, this may have been an autumn wedding but the weather wasn’t having any of it – summer wasn’t going out without a fight! What an incredible day. Normally when you are planning a wedding in November, you talk about the ‘maybes’ and ‘rare possibilities’ of being able to spend a little time outside for photographs – even if it’s a few minutes with just the bride and groom. In reality, we assume that the weather is going to be …well … a bit ordinary. But not for Laura and Selim’s wedding, it was one of those ‘rare maybes’ when the weather was not only good, it was flipping incredible. It kind of took everyone by surprise a little. After the ceremony, everyone was guided out onto the West Terrace for champagne and canapes in the glorious sunshine and warmth and we all looked a little confused, feeling a little wrong for being out there in November.