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French wedding photography of Katie & James | Part Two

Part two of Katie and James’s stunning French wedding in the Midi-Pyrennees. After the ceremony, guests were ushered into the gardens of the house and lined up for the longest confetti walk I had ever seen. Trial by confetti, if they survived that, they definitely earnt their glass of champagne! Followed by a very civilised drinks reception by the pool and the heat of the day left us. Early in the evening, the guests settled into the courtyard of the house for the speeches and meal. The courtyard not only looked great but also smelled amazing, robust herbs growing all around put out the most incredible smell. The food was always going to be great with Katie’s background in catering – it looked fantastic and I was told it tasted just as good. As the evening went on, the skies started to look a bit ominous. The weather in that part of the world can change dramatically and quickly – over towards the Pyrennees were some very dark clouds. Thankfully they held off for the majority of the event, although I did feel some spots of rain as I was packing up … Here are some more of my favourite images from the day and you can see the full gallery by clicking this link | French wedding photography

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French wedding photography of Katie & James | Part One

I’m going to have to split the blog post for the French wedding photography of Katie and James into two posts – there is just too much to fit into one post! And I’ve been pretty tough in editing it down to just two blog posts …but here goes. A long day of traveling to get to Mont de Marrast in the Midi Pyrennees but worth it (if only for the sunny warm days we’ve been missing out on here in the UK!) The setting for Katie and James’s wedding was stunning – beautiful in it’s own right, Katie’s parents family home was full on beautiful little wedding details. A lot of planning and hard work had been put in to the day. A short walk over to the church, which is next door to the house – through, a gap cut into the hedge by Tim (rather than via the ‘plubels’). As always with French weddings, the legal bit had been done the day before but didn’t make the blessing any less emotional. Paul, Katie and James’s local vicar from the UK, did a great job of injecting the right amount of solemnity and humour into the service. Whether that was deliberate or not is a matter for another day! Here is the first batch of some of my favourites from the day, more to follow. You can see the full gallery by clicking this link | Katie and James’s online galleryFrench wedding photographyREAD MORE

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French wedding photography | Just One

I’ve probably not checked the weather forecast so much as I have for the French wedding photography of Katie and James. Not for their wedding, you understand, it was gloriously clear blues skies in Mont de Marrast, the Midi Pyrenees region of France. No I was checking the weather back in the UK and feeling a twinge of guilt that all my fellow wedding photographers were once again struggling with the possibility of a grey, wet day ahead of them. Okay, a twinge of guilt might not be totally accurate. Quietly smug might be closer to the mark. But I was very happy for Katie and James as the weather had been looking more English at the beginning of the week than French. All came good on the day though and it was a fantastic French wedding with wonderful English eccentricities through out. Here’s one of my favourite images from the day – I did suggest running a book on seeing who would go in the pool first. There were no takers by midnight so I would have lost out there!

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Chateau de la Bourdaisiere wedding photography of Orla and Nima

Orla and Nima celebrated their wedding at Le Chateau de la Bourdaisiere, Loire Valley on Saturday 22nd August with a humanist ceremony in the grounds of the chateau. Stunning scenery, beautiful location, fantastic family and friends but best of all, two people who were totally into each other and so excited about the whole day. Beautiful chemistry between these two fabulous people made my job very easy – having a fantastic chateau as a backdrop was just an added bonus. The wedding was excellently organized and managed by Sharon at Chateau and Villa weddings and the party went well into the night expertly guided by my favourite DJ Mitch Mathews, some impressive Persian and Irish dancing with the clash of cultures from the different families – surprising though how well they both gelled together late into the evening! Click here for the full gallery

Frrench wedding photography
Chateau de la BourdaisiereChateau de la BourdaisiereChateau de la Bourdaisierefrench wedding photographyChateau de la BourdaisiereChâteau de la Bourdaisière wedding photographyChateau de la Bourdaisiere

Chateau de la Bourdaisiere  wedding photography

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Normandy wedding photographer | Chateau de Brecourt

Normandy wedding photographer

This was part two of Juliette and Arnaud’s wedding celebrations at the incredible Château de Brecourt. They were married in Nottinghill Gate a few days before and then headed over to France for the long weekend with friends and family for the blessing and a fantastically relaxed time in the sun at Chateau de Brecourt. We were blessed with glorious sunshine through out the day, perfect for the out door ceremony. Even more so for the reception afterwards.

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