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Gosfield Hall spring wedding | Just One

Spring has well and truly sprung! And not a moment too soon – after a wet and windy winter, it is great to be having a proper spring days. The sunshine was almost electric for Meera and Tim’s Gosfield Hall spring wedding, let’s hope this bodes well weather-wise for the rest of the year. Bright, low-lying sun can be a problem for some photographers but really, it’s a great problem to have! Meera looked absolutely radiant throughout, undeniably the loveliest part of the day. The wedding ceremony itself was in the village of Little Maplestead, near where Tim grew up, in the ancient and historic of St John the Baptist (or The Round Church). This was their second wedding as they had a Hindu ceremony the week before so I imagine a genteel English village church and country house wedding reception was probably very different to just seven days previous. Two weddings is a rare treat although I think the various speech writers were under pressure to come up with fresh material twice! They managed it and stylishly done too.

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Gosfield Hall winter wedding | Just One

It might have been a chilly February day but this wasn’t going to stop us making the most of this wonderful Essex wedding venue, Gosfield Hall. Not one; not two; not even three images – that’s right folks, four (count them) four fantastic sneak peek images from Cheryl and Steve’s Gosfield Hall winter wedding. You’re really getting your money’s worth out this week’s Just One! One of my favourite shots at Gosfield Hall is looking down that long ailse at the couple just after they have got married, with them both just beaming with pride as they stand in front of all their family and friends. We made the most of the venue with plenty of shots of just Cheryl and Steve as I know that they were both keen on getting as many as possible – well, I say “they” but I suspect Steve was being a brave soul through out it all!

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Gosfield Hall winter wedding photography of Natalie and James

Natalie and James are based in Los Angeles so when they spoke to me about getting married in the UK in late December, she hoped hoped for a misty grey day, full of wistful romance, perhaps a sprinkling of snow, a typically British winter’s wedding. They get more than their fair share of sunshine in LA and they were happy with something from the other end of the weather spectrum. I’m sure the British weather would be happy to oblige, after the year of rubbish weather we’ve had and it being the UK, I could pretty much guarantee what they were looking for. All my plans for the day were for a wet weather, perhaps with a slim chance of getting outside for a little bit. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I’ve yet to shoot a winter wedding at Gosfield Hall where the sun hasn’t shone and this wedding was no exception. Gloriously bright sunshine! Natalie’s wonderfully golden and sunny personality is infectious, no one who meets her can help but be touched by it, and so too, it seems the weather. Natalie was simply stunning, through and through. I knew from the relaxed and fun atmosphere that greeted me in the bridal suite at the start of the day that this wedding was going to be pretty special (although I did have to do a double take when I got to the boys room, what with all the hair care product and straightening irons, that I was in the bridal suite …!) Here are some of my favourite images from the Gosfield Hall winter wedding photography of Natalie and James. And, if they bring the sunshine with them every time they come back to visit, I for one would be very grateful!