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Merchant Taylor Hall London wedding photography of Sophie and Alexander

Kate & Neil’s winter wedding at Pembroke Lodge

A pretty brisk February day for Kate & Neil’s winter wedding at Pembroke Lodge but some lovely low-lying winter sunshine made up for the chilly weather. It’s always a privilege to a part of someone’s wedding day but even more so when an old friend asks. I was at school with Neil a while back (far too long ago for comfort …!) Neil still has his cheeky chipmunk grin, great sense of humour and deep sense of integrity all of which showed in their wedding day; great friends and family but most of all the lovely Kate and their gorgeous little girl as a bridesmaid. Pembroke Lodge is a beautiful location with Richmond Park on one side and over looking the Thames on the other, quietly grand, wonderfully intimate and not over stated (as well as having some of the nicest and most professional staff which made everything so effortless).

Ravens Ait wedding photography | Just One

A surprisingly quiet and subdued moment for my choice of image for this week’s Just One from Claire and Ed’s wedding on Ravens Ait Island, London. A surprising choice because the day was all about the laughter, bold colours and so, so much fun. But I love this little moment between Claire and her father, off to one side just before they both walk down the aisle, incredibly touching. We always focus on how nervous a bride must be before the ceremony but it must also be an incredible range of emotions for the bride’s father as well. My little girl is only a toddler and I know I am only at the beginning of the journey of watching her grow up, it’s a long way off before I have to worry about this myself. That and giving away a daughter, I come from a Scottish heritage and we’re not well known for giving anything away! Anyway, here’s one of many of my favourite images from the day with plenty more to follow soon.

Ravens Ait

Ravens Ait wedding photography | Just One

Here’s one of my favourite images from Debi and Ian’s wedding on Ravens Ait, a London wedding venue on an island in the middle of the Thames. Debi and Ian brought some much needed sunshine over from Dubai which made for a superb reception on this stunning island. The wedding itself was in The Brompton Oratory which is an incredible space, hard to beat on sheer size and impressive beauty – of course, second only to Debi’s impressive beauty (had to get that line in!) Many more images to follow.

ravens ait wedding venue

Syon Park wedding photographer | Just One

 Syon Park is a stunning London wedding venue and Gloria was no shrinking violet when it came to making the most of the backdrop! Gloria’s enthusiasm made being a Syon Park wedding photographer so much fun – timings went astray, we kept checking the rain clouds but none of that mattered as there was so much fun and laughter through out the day. Here’s one of my faourite shots from the day which perfect shows Gloria’s free spirit and the beautiful Long Gallery. Many more images to follow.

Syon Park wedding photographer

Marleybone wedding photography | Just One

Pheeee-yooo, what a scorcher! And I don’t just mean Sarah, the new Mrs Cussins. The weather in London this week has been incredible, beautifully sunny and hot. Now, I’m no fan of global warming and all that it involves but if it means we get the occasional glorious start to spring that this year has brought along, well, maybe I could be convinced otherwise! Marleybone wedding photography is one of my favourite registry offices to photograph in, long wood and marble paneled corridors and lovely registrars (a big bonus these days!) The steps are also iconic, the confetti shot against the grey/brown stone makes couples really stand out. Here’s one of my favourite images that stood out from the day. Many more to follow …as well as the blessing and wedding reception in Suffolk

marylebone registry office weddings

Syon Park wedding photographer | Fiona + JB

What an amazing day – what an amazing place to be a Syon Park wedding photographer. Good weddings are all about chemistry and Fiona and JB have great chemistry. Really great chemistry! They were both determined to enjoy their wedding day at Syon Park but, and this is the sign of a good wedding, they were determined that everyone was going to as well. Fun, love and laughter and lots of it. Syon Park is an amazing backdrop as well, the main hall to get married in, the inner court yard for your reception all topped off with the evening in the stunning conservatory beautifully lit by Yes! Events. Being a Syon Park wedding photographer is always a joy but none more so when you have such a lovely couple to work with. You might notice as well that Fiona is quite keen on bubbles. Here are a few of my favourite images from the day and you can see the full gallery by clicking this link Syon Park wedding photographer (you’ll need a password).

Syon House wedding photographer | Just One

Fiona and JB’s wedding at Syon House was an exercise in how to have fun – fun, loving and laid-back couple with fantastic friends and family, beautiful venue and plenty of champagne. What else could you want? Well, that blummin’ sunshine that we’ve been having no stop for the last month to shine for the reception for a start. Ho hum. Not to be and something that didn’t dampen the mood at all (just made this photographer a little annoyed, that’s all!) Here’s a couple of shots from the day – the first, not your usual romantic, fluffy couples shot but I just love this moment. Fiona had been on her feet all day and this was the first opportunity she had to sit down, unbidded JB started massaging her feet, now that’s love! The second shot is of the conservatory at Syon House, what an amazing building. Syon House wedding photographer. There’ll be more pics to follow soon.

Syon House wedding photographerSyon House wedding photographer