If there was one word to describe Tina & Matt’s wedding, it has to be “laughter”. Lots and lots of laughter! Brilliant to be around. So many little moments of pure fun dotted through out the day, some planned and some not, every little “ta da” and “finger dance”, hardly any part of the day went by when these two weren’t in stitches. Now …normally I’m the one trotting out a few poor jokes to try and get reactions for photographs but not this wedding! Their laughter and sense of fun was infectious and a joy to be a part of – if they have half as much fun for the rest of their lives that they had on their wedding day, they’re going to have a pretty spectacular life together. Beaumont Estate wedding photography at The White House is a new one for me and I was very pleasantly taken aback by how helpful and friendly the staff were & what a simply stunning place it is.


It’s huge and with so many places this big, you can get lost in it’s sheer size and forgotten about. Not here, staff were lovely, helpful and relaxed. As for the building and grounds, if the weather had been a little warmer, I would happily have taken Tina and Matt off for a bit of a photographic adventure to make the most of the late autumn colours. But as ever with weddings this time of year, you have to treat the ability to get outdoors for a few shots as a bonus …let alone without turning blue. The evening reception and wedding breakfast were held in The Chapel at The White House and is truly stunning – only at a firework display have I heard so many guests “oooh” and “aaah” as they walked in.


Beaumont Estate wedding photography


Special thanks go to Matt’s staff – Minion One and Minion Two (or ushers to the rest of us – I suspect they may repay that compliment in due course!) and to Tina’s Maid of Honour, Simon. Here are a few of my favourite images from Beaumont Estate wedding photography.


Beaumont Estate wedding photographyBeaumont Estate Beaumont Estate wedding photography beaumont estate wedding beaumont estate

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