Spring wedding at Botleys

Botleys wedding photos. What a day! Crisp, blues skies, Botley’s Mansion and Nick and Laura’s wedding. We were blessed with the perfect spring day. I couldn’t think of two more deserving people to have their wedding on a day like this. Both were beyond excited when day started and that feeling never really left them. Laura was just beaming; Nick went through every emotion from nerves to sheer joy. The chemistry these two have is just magic.

Bijou wedding venue

Botleys Mansion is a stunning Palladian country house set in parkland in the Surrey countryside. This little piece of quintessential England is a short hop from London making it easy for guests to get to. The ceremony was held in the Green Room and the reception out the front of the house. Think of all your period costume dramas and it’s very easy to see yourself here. It’s wonderfully stylish and incredibly elegant. This space was designed for grandeur and it really doesn’t disappoint. If there weren’t enough opportunities for a wow factor, the meal and evening celebrations were held in the Atrium. If ever there was an opportunity for a grand entrance, it’s down that staircase.

Botleys Mansion wedding photographer

Botleys wedding speeches

One of the best bits of any wedding are the speeches. Laura and Nick’s was no exception. Very funny, spot on and full of emotion. The emotional rollercoaster of the day settled into a glorious evening sunset. Then it was time for the dance floor and that excitement that started the day went into overdrive. Botleys wedding photos.

Botleys wedding photos.

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