Bruisyard wedding photos of Natalia & Luke

It was a blustery ol’ day for Natalia and Luke’s wedding at Bruisyard Hall. But nowhere near enough to spoil the celebrations of such a fantastic couple and such a brilliant group of family and friends. Both bride and groom were both calm and quietly excited before the ceremony, always a great sign that this is a something that is meant to be.

A quintessentially English wedding with a bit of an Icelandic influence thrown in, what more could you ask for! Well, a belting venue to host an incredible party and lots of the best people in your life to celebrate it all with. Sounds pretty good to me.

Seckford Hall wedding preparations

The day started off at Seckford Hall for Natalia’s wedding preparations. A relaxed morning in the bridal suite there gave everyone plenty of space to get ready and ease into the day. The morning felt pretty laid back but then again, Natalia had everything organised to perfection, every timing and detail. I think t he only time I saw any nerves was when her father walked in to the room to see her for the first time. There were so many little touches that included her family, from the photos of her grandparents on her bouquet to recreating a family photo of her and her father from when she a kid. Family played a huge part in the celebrations.

Bruisyard Hall barn wedding

Then over to Bruisyard Hall to meet the boys. Luke was equally relaxed and excited about the day ahead. Again, family were playing a big part in the wedding for him as he had his brother as an usher and nephew and niece as pageboy and flower girl. I was lucky enough to photograph his brother’s wedding (Rosie & Jamie at Woodhall Manor) a few years ago, so it’s a real treat to see how their family has grown and their lives have evolved.

The wedding ceremony was held in the barn, which looked stunning with all the effort that had been put into the decorations and flowers. And even though both Natalia and Luke were calm before hand, the ceremony was still a pretty emotional affair. Afterwards, it was out into the courtyard for the drinks reception. It was a blustery day so drinks on the lawns was really only for those who hadn’t just had a lot of time and effort having their hair done – so, all the ladies and most of the blokes. It didn’t stop us heading up to the hall for a few stunning photos of just the happy couple.

Icelandic wedding traditions

Into the meal for some hilarious speeches where I think Luke got away pretty lightly. One of the most impressive reactions to a set of speeches was the Icelandic guest getting up and doing the slow clap and building to a huge round of applause. An unofficial Icelandic tradition seemed to be hitting the dance floor and partying till late. But then again, that’s pretty much a tradition at most brilliant weddings!


bruisyard wedding photosBruisyard wedding photoBruisyard Barn

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