Chateau Rigaud wedding photography | Part One

Chateau Rigaud wedding photography. I don’t think Ravindhi stopped beaming all day – she wore her incredible smile from the very start of the day right through to the end. The kind of smile you get when you step off the best, biggest, fastest roller-coaster any theme park has to offer. To say she enjoyed her wedding day would have been a major understatement. And it was an incredible day by any standards. Château Rigaud is a beautiful boutique house perfectly set aside for events and weddings – set in the heart of the Dordogne, surrounded by vineyards and fields of sunflowers. What is really great about the chateau is that guests turn up a day or two early and enjoy whatever the countryside has to offer, whether that’s cycling, canoeing, hiking or (in my opinion, something more sensible) something more sedate like sitting by the pool. Come the wedding day, everyone is relaxed and ready for a sedate afternoon of bellinis and canapés before hitting the dance floor in the evening.

Chateau Rigaud wedding photography

Ravindhi and Boo were married in the ancient Roman Catholic church nearby. The church itself rises high above the fields of vines just to remind the farmers and vintners below who seem to have a religious devotion to creating the perfect Bordeaux grape. It’s a large, imposing church which creates a great sense of solemnity for the occasion. I don’t think that we needed any reminding though, especially by the emotional reaction that Boo and Ravindhi had by the time Ravindhi had reached the end of the aisle. Not a dry eye in the house! After the ceremony, it was out into the glorious sunshine and sweltering heat of the late afternoon – only one thing to do then, head back to the chateau where a bellini bar had been set up in the shade. Perfect.

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