Some advice and help with planning weddings around the current situation

Coronavirus / Covid-19

We’re heading into fairly unprecedented times with the current situation surrounding the Covid-19/Coronavirus and all the measures we need to take to make sure we keep everyone as healthy as possible.

For those of you getting married in 2020, this will be unsettling as government advice and suggestions will be changing at a fairly rapid pace. It’s difficult to know what to expect, how long this situation will last and how to plan around it. I’ll be using this page to post as much advice and help as I can around your photography for the day and any relevant advice I think will be useful around planning weddings in general.


At the moment, having had a lot of discussions with other suppliers and venues, it’s business as usual. I’m not sure how long this will last and what changes will be put in place so it’s prudent to have as much of a back-up plan as possible for when things will inevitably change. 

My commitment to photographing your wedding is the same as before – I will be there to photograph your wedding. If I can’t, I will find a list of photographers who can. It’s always been my priority to make sure your wedding is photographed and if I can’t do it, for me to find someone for you so that you don’t have to worry about that.


If your booking falls within the time that the government declares that your wedding can’t go ahead, then your contract with me is considered a “frustrated contract” (ie: although I am available and ready to photograph your wedding, I can’t). With this in mind, you can get a refund on your booking fee less any admin costs incurred on my behalf.

If you postpone your wedding and I am unable to photograph your new date, again this falls under “frustrated contract” and you can get a refund of any fees paid minus any admin costs incurred on my behalf.

If you decide to cancel your wedding or postpone it and I can’t photograph the new date but your original wedding date is not within the governments restrictions on weddings, then the existing contract terms and conditions apply.

You can see a fuller explanation at the CMA (Competition and Marketing Authority) and a more specific wedding industry related explanation of things at the Association of Wedding Businesses.


As wedding photographers, we have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that there is cover for any photographer affected by the virus. If I am ill or even at the slightest risk of passing on the virus, then you will have a photographer who isn’t and there will be no concern about any of your guests catching it. 

With the wedding itself, I would wholeheartedly advise keeping in contact with your venue and/or significant wedding suppliers. Communication is going to be essential.

Hopefully it wont come to this, but if you have to postpone your wedding, I would be happy to transfer your booking over to your new date as long as I have that date available. 

I appreciate this is an anxious time for all of us. But I hope that it won’t disrupt your plans & that we can all stay happy and healthy.

As standard, I’ll be in touch about 4 weeks before your wedding and we can talk through plans, timings and logistics as normal. We can also chat over the situation as it stands then – I suspect things will be changing fairly frequently this year.


Marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

The government announcement (11 May 2020) stated that it was hoped to ‘permit small wedding ceremonies no earlier than 1 June 2020’. The statement made by the Prime Minister (28 May 2020) did not mention marriage/civil partnership so for the time being we have no further information to indicate when this may be possible.

We do not know:

  • How many guests a ‘small wedding’ will include
  • The costs that will apply
  • The locations where ceremonies will be permitted
  • The content that can be included in the ceremony
  • The arrangements for ‘Notices of Marriage or Civil Partnership’ (The legal preliminaries)
  • Any other restrictions or conditions that may apply.

As we cannot be certain or give advice on any of these aspects until we receive more information and instruction from the government we are not taking any provisional bookings for ceremonies based on this preliminary government announcement.

We appreciate this uncertainty makes planning difficult and we are very sorry for all couples that are impacted by this situation.

We are:

  • not accepting any new bookings for any dates in 2020
  • accepting new bookings for 2021 onwards

Re-scheduling ceremonies before and after 31 August 2020

Before 31 August 2020

If your ceremony falls during this timeframe, please contact us at your convenience to discuss alternative dates or to arrange a refund. Our usual admin fee for making changes to bookings will not apply.

Our phone lines are likely to be very busy so we would encourage you to make your enquiry by email.

After 31 August 2020

The government announcement (11 May 2020) indicated that the hospitality industry may be able to resume some of its services from July onwards.

Whilst we wait for more government guidance, changes made to ceremonies from this date will be subject to our usual terms and conditions.

Notices of marriage/civil partnership

Government restrictions prevent us from carrying out appointments for new notices of marriage or civil partnership at this time.

If you have already prepared a notice of Marriage or partnership for a forthcoming ceremony you may be aware this document is a statutory document which is valid for 12 months from the date it is issued. We do not have the power locally to extend the validity of Notices beyond this 12 month timeframe.

At the present time the government has not indicated that it intends to relax the regulations in relation to Notices so this may mean that if your ceremony date changes, your existing notice of marriage may expire. If this is the case you will need to prepare a fresh notice in person when the lockdown ends.


(As of 3rd June 2020)

Currently there can be no weddings in church buildings until further notice.

The Church of England has published guidance for such a time as weddings are allowed in church buildings again.

Please note this is currently for planning purposes only and could be subject to change.

It is not currently possible under English law for a wedding to take place using video conferencing technology without the couple, priest and witnesses being physically present.