[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dairy Barns wedding photos. I just love this shot! Someone said it looked like it could be used for a film poster and it was kind of what I was looking for when I took it. Well, I say that with hindsight as I was just looking for something different and interesting to compliment Helen and James’s Dairy Barn wedding. The times I’ve photographed at Dairy Barns, Hickling, the weddings have always been extraordinary. There’s always a strong connection between the couples and the area – and usually they aren’t local at all, they’ve visited and they’ve connected with the place deep down. And this was definitely the case with Helen and James.

Dairy Barns Hickling wedding

They are also the most incredible couple, full of energy and enthusiasm which is infectious. The day took on an energy of its own – on one level, it ws the simplest, most honest wedding I’ve had the pleasure of photographing yet on another level it was so full of details, of family and friends and so much effort had been put into it all. I hope my movie poster style shot is just a hint of what a great day it was. Many (MANY) more images to follow soon.

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