Off to Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey for the wedding photography of Anna and Alex. Yet again the weather gods were keeping us on our toes right up until the last minute and yet again, we had nothing to worry about – Denbies is a superb venue to get out amongst the vines for wedding photos, a little bit trickier in high heels when it’s raining (not that I’ve tried personally, you understand) but glorious in the late afternoon sun. There was an awkward moment as one of the guests arrived dressed all in white but we could forgive him as it was Monty the dog – he didn’t have any of the fabulous Denbies wine but certainly had his eye on a canape or two.

Here are a few of my favourite shots but you can see the full gallery by clicking this link | Denbies Wedding PhotographyAnna and Alex having a ‘vine’ old time – geddit! (oh please yourself …!)

Anna’s stunning wedding bouquet

Monty, curious but not impressed – now if it smelled more of Pedigree Chum, that would be a different thing

I think X-Factor is missing an act this year

I was told that the paint would come off, fingers crossed

The All-England hide and seek team score nil points again

The cake of cheese never stood a chance

I’m always impressed and yet a little scared with the enthusiasm of the catching of the bouquet

Now, that’s how to run a book on the wedding speeches (plus 10% commission and a handling fee)