Back in February I was at Denbies Vineyard for Marion and Neil’s wedding. When I’m photographing at Denbies, I normally plan a little wander out into the vines with the bride and groom – that wasn’t going to happen this time mainly as the vines were dormant but also because it was blummin’ parky out there! The wedding stayed mainly indoors except for a very few moments outside for group shots. Then back in to make the most of what Denbies do best, their wine, to warm up with. On the way up to the vineyard, there were a lot of triathletes coming back from a morning race around the outskirts of the estate and I know that Neil would have been quietly twitching to have got involved himself being a keen triathlete. It’s something that Marion and Neil share. Something they don’t necessarily agree on is their taste in music and a compromise had to made throughout the day with it alternating between metal and Britney Spears. As you can see, Neil is the metal fan and it was touch and go whether it was going to be Sepultura or “Baby One More Time”. Denbies winter wedding photography.


Denbies winter wedding photography

There’s an incredible view over the vineyard from the top restaurant at Denbies – if the sun is shining, the sunset is quite spectacular.

The little train takes guest on a tour of the wine making process and delivers everyone neatly into the cellars where the speeches were held.