Elmore Court Jewish wedding photography

Bright bold summer celebration

Elmore Court Jewish wedding photography. It’s strange to remember those early days after lockdown; the pandemic had left us all cooped up and anxious. So when Ilana and Sam celebrated their wedding, it was one of the first few months that all restrictions were lifted, numbers were back to normal and partying could essentially go on as planned. Ilanna petitioned heavily for a “tropical disco” colour theme but was convinced to dial it down to “summer colours” which all the guests signed up for whole heartedly. Her enthusiasm and her family and guests commitment is also all you need to know. This wedding more than a wedding; it was a celebration – it was huge, it was bold, bright, colourful and joyful a force of nature.

Bold summer floral colours

Elmore Court is an elegant backdrop for a wedding; formal yet fun. Steeped in history and tradition but updated with the magnificent party room of The Gillyflower. The floral decorations were an explosion of colour from Amber Persia with pinks and oranges everywhere, just the riot of colour we all needed to break out of the last eighteen months. The flowers in The Gillyflower looked amazing; so too did the house and the set up for the ceremony in garden.

Jewish wedding traditions

The girls were getting ready in the cottage next to the house. With three sisters, it was always going to be lively and full of laughter and gossip. Ilanna’s Mum was quietly in charge, sage and proud. I hadn’t met Ilanna’s Dad yet but I suspected he would be equally proud but being Dad, less in charge! They then moved upstairs into the house to get ready for the bedecken. Meanwhile, Sam was smiling earnestly through polite conversation secretly hiding the fact that he hadn’t finished his speech yet. Noticing this, we all left him to it and headed down to the tish. I think Sam was grateful for a chat and glass of whiskey to ease the nerves at this point! The Rabbi then sang and clapped everyone up through the house to see Ilanna. I don’t know how Sam held it together, she really looked absolutely stunning.

Jewish wedding ceremony at Elmore Court

After a very emotional bedeken, it was down to the lawns where the chuppah had been set up for the ceremony. The ceremony was brilliantly taken by the Rabbi and made so personal by the help of many family and friends adding to it with songs and readings. As a photographer, I have the privilege of looking back at all the guests and seeing how invested everyone was in their wedding, such a joy. Straight after the ceremony, it onto the other lawns for a storm of a confetti photo, then glorious drinks and canapes in the sunshine. This is the golden moment of the day where there is just excited chatter and laughter building throughout the next few hours. Then the call for dinner. For the uninitiated, a chance to sit down and carry on chatting. For those who know, it’s time to put your dancing shoes on …

Jewish wedding dancing

The one thing I love about Jewish weddings is the energy rarely slows down. When Ilanna and Sam walk into the meal, they start the dancing for the evening. It’s also probably the most hectic of the Jewish dancing as well. Time for me to get out my big elbows! Of all the things they Sam when he converted to Judaism, I’m not sure he was prepared his part in the dancing. I couldn’t work out if his expression was elation or terror. I’ll go with elation for now. Their party band Schwing absolutely nailed it and didn’t miss a beat. A few lovely, heartfelt speeches gave everyone a breather before more dancing. We also to skip outside at golden hour for a few photos which I find really important – it’s having even a couple of minutes to let yourself catch up with what’s going on before it all gets away from you. Then back onto the dancefloor for not one but two DJs. Perfect crowd, summer’s evening, espresso martinis and one of the loveliest couples to work with.