I’m going to have to split the blog post for the French wedding photography of Katie and James into two posts – there is just too much to fit into one post! And I’ve been pretty tough in editing it down to just two blog posts …but here goes. A long day of traveling to get to Mont de Marrast in the Midi Pyrennees but worth it (if only for the sunny warm days we’ve been missing out on here in the UK!) The setting for Katie and James’s wedding was stunning – beautiful in it’s own right, Katie’s parents family home was full on beautiful little wedding details. A lot of planning and hard work had been put in to the day. A short walk over to the church, which is next door to the house – through, a gap cut into the hedge by Tim (rather than via the ‘plubels’).

As always with French weddings, the legal bit had been done the day before but didn’t make the blessing any less emotional. Paul, Katie and James’s local vicar from the UK, did a great job of injecting the right amount of solemnity and humour into the service. Whether that was deliberate or not is a matter for another day! Here is the first batch of some of my favourites from the day, more to follow.

French wedding photography

French wedding photography

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