Glemham Hall weddings winter wedding of Emma and Daniel

Glemham Hall weddings. Crisp, clear and wonderfully sunny day for Emma and Daniel’s wedding at Glemham Hall – a bit sunshine is always a bonus for a winter’s day. Glemham Hall looks great all year round but it really glows in the sun. It has an elegant grandeur of an historic house as well an eccentric charm of an old family home, somewhere with a “wow” factor as well as somewhere you can feel at home. Perfect backdrop for a wedding!

Glemham Hall weddings

Emma and Daniel were married at St Andrew’s Church, Little Glemham which is just on the border of the estate, close enough to stroll to and from (if the weather is good!) It’s a big church but does the intimate, candle lit service very well. It also has a long path, perfect for confetti shots and then a wander back to the hall for the champagne reception in the warmth of the wood paneled main hall. We were lucky enough with the weather to be able to go for a wander around the gardens for some photos of Emma and Daniel but being a gentle and modest couple, I knew they wanted photos but not too many. And they didn’t want to spend too much time away from the reception as there was champagne to be drunk and friends to talk too!

An elegant evening was spent in the marquee in the gardens. And the dancing let rip thanks to the help of the  brilliant band, The Talent.

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!

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