Glemham Hall winter wedding

Glemham Hall winter wedding photography. A couple of days before this wedding, the weather was looking bleak. Pretty grim. Well, it was the middle of February and during the run of oddest weather we’ve had for a long time. When I met up with Laura, it was grey, wet and miserable and we had pretty much settled on Plan B for the wedding photography – Plan B is ‘doing all the photography indoors’! Well, wouldn’t you know it, the day of the wedding took us all by surprise – beautiful blue skies, crisp, clear winters day. Still a little frisky but the best we could ask for this time of year. Glemham Hall is a fantastic backdrop for any wedding but more so when the sky is blue, it just seems to shine.

Glemham Hall wedding photos

Nothing could out shine Laura though, she looked quite simply stunning. Nothing makes a person look more beautiful than a big smile and Laura has one of the best. The wedding itself was held in the church behind the hall (just that little too far to walk on a winter’s day) and back to the house for the drinks reception. As the sun was setting (which was about 3.30pm!) the guests made their way through the gardens to the marque for the evening’s entertainment.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from the day.

Winter wedding at Glemham Hall


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