What’s more traditional than confetti at a wedding? And more the merrier as far as I am concerned. It did make me chuckle though, when I got through the timings for the day for one particular wedding and the groom had written “exit church …confetti storm”. No grey areas there and it did make for an amazing photo! For a great confetti photo, you need to make sure that all your guests have confetti, you can’t rely on guests to bring their own. The ones that usually do are a kindly aunt who waits until no one is looking, sneaks up and drops a box of it on the brides head, big smile and kiss and disappears again very pleased with herself.

To make sure that everyone has some confetti, getting ushers and bridesmaids to hand it out to guests after the ceremony is usually the best thing. Large baskets of confetti are the easiest but these confetti cones are by far the most stylish. Angela and Sam had their purple themed vintage wedding at Clearwell Castle and their confetti cones were wrapped in music sheets with the song they walked down the aisle too – “you’re all I need to get by” – really lovely little touch.

Joey and Mark’s vintage themed wedding had a lighter touch with these dried rose petals in confetti cones.Odharna and James’s beach wedding in West Wittering, Sussex.