Gosfield Hall wedding photographer | Just One

As Sharyn and Marks’ Gosfield Hall wedding photographer my brief was simple – I was given instructions from Sharyn to take as many pictures of everything and everyone else except the bride. Now, I know I’m a bloke and a little slow on the up-take when a lady says something to me but I couldn’t help but feel there was a little hesitation on behalf of Sharyn about having her photo taken. But that is just a guess, mind you, I could be wrong. Just to be safe though, I took Sharyn and Mark out for their photos later on in the day just as the sun was setting and the light had that stunning golden quality it always seems to have at Gosfield Hall. It was also after the meal and perhaps a glass of champagne had been drunk making things a lot more relaxed! Sharyn and Mark were a fantastic couple to work with, great sense of humour, making the day an absolute joy. Here is one of my favourite images from the day with plenty more to follow.

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