Hedsor House weddings. Hedsor House is one of those quintessentially English wedding venues which wraps you up in it’s charm from the moment you walk in through the front doors. If it’s your first visit to the house, it can seem familiar and that might be because it has been the backdrop to many a film. Or it could just be that, for all it’s elegance and history, it has that welcome you get when you feel you are home. I have had the pleasure of photographing many weddings at Hedsor House and every one of them has had it’s own unique feel but with that understated elegance that naturally comes with such a place.


As a photographer, every now and then you need to take a sideways step to look at the work you are creating and see if there is something else you can do to fine tune things. Sometimes it’s just something fairly simple like using a new bit of kit or trying a new technique but every now and then, you need to take a proper step back and assess everything that’s going on. Guy Hearn was good enough to let me come along and 2nd shoot for him and Adeel and Sarah were gracious enough to put up with me as well! Thanks folks, you were brilliant! Guy is Hedsor House’s number one recommended wedding photographer so it’s always a joy to see someone working in a space they know so well, being able to read the light as well as manage the day effortlessly.


A very big thank you to Adeel and Sarah for letting me tip toe around their wedding – hopefully we’ve got some cracking shots from the day!

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  1. Matt Badenoch says:

    Great work James! Nice one getting that shot from above in the ceremony!

  2. ARV & MAYK says:

    This is very nice, great work!

  3. Ashley Davenport says:

    Loving the first dance set of images

  4. Joe Short says:

    Excellent work! Love the shot from the field and superb OCF in the evening set!!

  5. Ben Pollard says:

    Excellent work James. The opener is glorious!