Wedding photography in Rome | ‘Zio Roberto’ | Maria Rosaria + Charles

Wedding photography in Rome | ‘Zio Roberto’ | Maria Rosaria + Charles

‘Uncle Bob’ is the semi-affectionate term wedding photographers give to the keen amateur at a wedding who turns up with all the gear and spends most of the day shadowing the photographer. The first weekend off from photographing weddings in a long while and I’m off to a wedding – this time as a guest and a little bit of an Uncle Bob myself (or Zio Roberto in Italian …sort of!). Charlie is my oldest mate from school and I was more than happy to be there as a guest at the wedding – sadly my camera is grafted to me and I had to take a few snaps through the day. The only thing that slowed me down was the typically luxurious 5 course Italian meal, hmm. Congratulations to you both (and about blummin’ time Charlie). And no pressure to Alex …

Here’s a few of my pics from the day.

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  • Timothy


    Love your work. You have a nice perspective on your shots. Especially like you shots from down low.

    6th November 2010 at 7:48 am

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