Lansdowne wedding photographer. It is rare that I’m not with either the bride or groom for the morning preparations. So it was a rare treat to see both Ed and then Bryony as they were ready for their big day. Ed looked immaculate and incredibly suave, quintessential English gent. Bryony looked quite simply stunning. Gorgeously elegant in her vintage dress and veil set in Lansdowne Club took you back to another era. I felt it took every ounce of self-will for Bryony’s parents not to burst with pride as she walked down the stairs.


Everyone ready, it was out into the glorious sunshine for a shot walk through the streets of Mayfair to the Grosvenor Chapel for the wedding ceremony. Bryony and her father were incredibly elegant and so happy and relaxed as they headed through the streets and lanes. The Chapel is understated yet full of classical grandeur, very much like this wedding as a whole. Incredible light in the chapel with plenty of room for me to move around meant I could get a full range of photos.

After the ceremony, you could see that the nerves had dissipated and it was now time to relax and enjoy the party. The demure elegance got a bit of pummelling with the absolute storm of confetti Bryony and Ed walked through when they left the chapel! A brief stop over in Mount Street Gardens for a few formal group photos. Then leading everyone back to the Lansdowne for the drinks reception.


The formal grandeur of a London Club is a great backdrop for a wedding reception. But it didn’t take long before the rooms were full of chat and laughter, very informal indeed. Just when Ed thought that he could relax, his best lady was up on her feet giving a solid grilling of the groom. If you think choosing a best lady for the day might be a soft option when it comes to the speeches, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security!

Ed and Bryony made the most of the ballroom and choreographed an exceptional ballroom dance of their first dance. Obviously very expert at this kind of thing, they made it look as simple as it was elegant. Sparklers in the courtyard to top the night off and they saved a couple for themselves for the front door. Incredible night for and incredible couple. Lansdowne wedding photographer.

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