Permission for lower lip to wobble. Wow, what an incredible day, I really didn’t expect this at all! It was just a small, intimate Richmond registry office wedding with only a few close family and friends but so emotional. I met up with Mary and Chris at their home an hour or so before their wedding, just the two of them (and baby bump, Francis of course) – a few posed shots and then waiting for the taxi to turn up. It’s always the quiet moments before a wedding where the nerves have a chance to settle in and the tension was palpable. The taxi was late, the driver really didn’t expect to see a bride and groom on a Tuesday morning! Meeting up with family before the wedding (who had only a few days notice) was incredible, emotions just bubbled over. There was so much joy there. After the ceremony it was a short walk down to the river for a few more photos and a celebratory bottle of fizz.