Loseley Park weddings | Just One

Loseley Park weddings have a charm all of their own – the main hall where the ceremonies are held with it’s wood panelled elegance covered foot to ceiling in historic oil paintings of the owners through out the generations and into the stunning gardens, one of the most beautifully designed and well looked after gardens in the country. Quite simply beautiful. None more so than when the sun shines. And boy, did it shine for the Nicki and Luke’s wedding! It felt like the sun had been shy for so long that it had just found it’s confidence and was going to show off. Not even a cloud in a crystal blue sky to interrupt it. The gardens are always impressive but I think we were about two or three weeks early to really see them start to bloom into their spring glory. Nicki and Luke were so relaxed and confident about their day, not even the late spring was going to put them off their stride. But I have to admit, having a lot of flowers around would have at least meant there was an excuse for a few tears during the ceremony – I always blame hay fever at times like this! Luke, being one of them tough Aussies we hear all about, we’d definitely have to put the tears down to hay fever and nothing else! Here’s one of my favourite images from the day, infectious smiles from the lovely couple …you can’t help but feel summery with smiles like that.

Loseley Park weddings