The albums that I use are bespoke designed albums custom bound specifically to your selection of images from your wedding.

The photographs sit under board mats. The albums have a traditional feel but also a contemporary edge. Each album is very customisable with a large selection of different album covers, mats and designs making each album completely unique.

The design of a matted album is a bit more structured than a coffee table book album. 


To get the process of your album design started I will need from you:

  • Your selection of images
  • Your choice of album size
  • Your choice of album cover
  • Any extras you may want (embossing, transparent fly-leaf etc)

I can get the process started with just your selection of images and size of album but I cannot order the album until I have all the information.


If choosing your images for your album is proving to be a stumbling block, I’d be happy to help. You can either give me your ‘must have’ images (10 or 20 images) and I’ll choose the rest for you. Or I would be happy to choose all the images for you.

There are various extras that you can add to your album:


extra images

cover embossing (on certain cover options only)

Translucent fly-leaf (added before the first page of the album)

Upgrade the size of your album