Moreves Barn wedding of Laura & Matt

Moreves Barn wedding. It’s unlikely that you are going to meet two lovelier or more humble people than Laura and Matt. They, quite simply, had an incredible wedding day at Moreves Barn. They put a huge amount of effort into making all the details for the day, especially with their Easter Bunny theme. In my book, you just can’t go wrong with table favours made out of Kinder Eggs and Creme Egg. Bring it on!

Laura looked simply stunning with that incredible, infectious smile of hers. I did think Matt’s hardy military training was going to crack as she walked up the aisle. Glad to see that he was beaming with so much pride as they stood at the top of the aisle. Quite rightly too. There’s a magic chemistry between some couples, you can just see that they fit hand in glove. And these guys have that little fizz of electricity when they are with each other. This makes my job as a photographer very easy indeed!

Moreves Barn wedding photos

Lots of bright yellow dotted throughout the day, from the roses in the bouquets, bridesmaids shoes, table name places and the boys button holes; great to take the edge off the slightly grey weather outside. Grey but not enough to put these guests off who were more than happy to enjoy drinks in the courtyard. Little too grey to make the most of the gardens at the back of the barn but that’s never an issue at Moreves Barn, plenty of opportunity for photos throughout the day.

Big kudos has to go to their choice of wedding band, The Replays (unfortunately I cant find a link to them) as one of the best indie / rock bands I’ve seen at a wedding. Well, just seen full stop. They had everyone up on the floor most of the night, which is a massive feat in itself but also with some of the best indie covers out there.

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs!


moreves-barn-wedding-002.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-003.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-004.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-005.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-006.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-007.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-008.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-009.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-010.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-011.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-012.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-013.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-014.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-015.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-016.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-017.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-018.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-019.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-020.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-021.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-022.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-023.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-024.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-025.jpg Moreves Barn moreves-barn-wedding-027.jpg Moreves Barn wedding moreves-barn-wedding-029.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-030.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-031.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-032.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-033.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-034.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-035.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-036.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-037.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-038.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-039.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-040.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-041.jpg Moreves Barn Wedding photographer moreves-barn-wedding-043.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-044.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-045.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-046.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-047.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-048.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-049.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-050.jpg Moreves Barn wedding photography moreves-barn-wedding-052.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-053.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-054.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-055.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-056.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-057.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-058.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-059.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-060.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-061.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-062.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-063.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-064.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-065.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-066.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-067.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-068.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-069.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-070.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-071.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-072.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-073.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-074.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-075.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-076.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-077.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-078.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-079.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-080.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-081.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-082.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-083.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-084.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-085.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-086.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-087.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-088.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-089.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-090.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-091.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-092.jpg Moreves Barn at night moreves-barn-wedding-094.jpg The Replays Indie Rock Band moreves-barn-wedding-096.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-097.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-098.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-099.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-100.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-101.jpg moreves-barn-wedding-102.jpg

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