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Most wedding speeches are heart-felt. As a groom, you know that you have a long list of ‘thank yous’ to get through with the most important being to your new wife. Most grooms know this and stick to the basics – I always advise this as it then takes the nerves out of the day beforehand. Most grooms are as anxious about their speech as they are about any other part of their wedding (surprisingly, the first dance is probably the most nerve racking thing followed by the actual wedding ceremony then the speech). Occasionally a groom will feel confident enough to tell a few stories, expand on the whole speech a little.

Most succeed. But every now and then, you hear a groom give a brilliantly emotional, poignant and straight from the heart speech. The rest of the speech becomes irrelevant. Even the strongest of souls is reaching for a napkin to clear the eyes of what can only be an early on-set of hay fever or a slight smidge of dust in the eye.

Alex’s words to Natalie was one such speech. Less a speech, more a love note to his wife and families which the rest of us were privileged to hear. Simple, honest and heart-felt and didn’t miss anything out, he really needed have been nervous at any point – the whole carriage barn at Nether Winchendon House was well and truly behind him. Except for perhaps the best man who had to follow that!

Nether Winchendon House Summer wedding


Nether Winchendon House wedding

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