Bruisyard Hall Spring Wedding

Elegant rural wedding with an Irish twist

Bruisyard Hall spring wedding. Bruisyard Hall is a gem of venue all year round but none more so when it’s nestled in to the full lush greenery that spring has to offer. Those rich emerald colours were a perfect backdrop for Niamh’s Irish roots as she and Dan were married in the barn here. Emerald and lace and brilliant rural colours were definitely the textures for the day; a lot of laughter was definitely the vibe for the day!

Wedding preparations at Bruisyard Hall

Niamh and the girls got ready up in the bridal suite. The morning was nearly stolen by Niamh’s flower girl, cuteness turned up to level 11. She provided a break between a lot of laughs and a lot of emotions for the morning. The boys, on the other hand, were downstairs deep into a game of pool. Important stuff. As ever with the boys preparations, one minute they are in shorts and t-shirts, you turn you back for 30 seconds and the next thing you know they are suited and booted and looking confused as to how to put a buttonhole on. Instructions given, they headed off to the barn to get ready for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Niamh’s Dad waited nervously outside the bridal suite to his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. It was no surprise that emotions ran high, she looked absolutely stunning.

Barn wedding ceremony

It was really touching to see the two of them walk through the hall together, such a lovely connection they both have, a magical moment. Then a short drive to the barn for the ceremony. By now, you could tell Dan’s nerves were starting to kick in. Nerves? Excitement. By the time he lifted the veil at the top of the aisle, he was absolutely beaming, proudest man in the world. Some beautiful readings made for a lovely ceremony. Then out into the spring weather – which being the UK, kind of kept us on our toes a little. Just a little, thankfully and not enough to stop us from enjoying the fresh air.

Bruisyard outdoor wedding reception

Testament to what a brilliant couple these two are, I don’t think Barteck on video and myself stopped chuckling all day long. Game on for pretty much anything and glamorous to the last. I’m a sucker for speeches and these didn’t disappoint. Usually, there’s a near to the knuckle roasting of the groom and an emotional father of the bride speech. But the bridesmaids speeches were as emotional and entertaining as any I’ve heard and that’s before Niamh got hold of the mic! Incredible. Powerful and entertaining; inspirational and very funny with it. After the speeches, a surprise had been laid on for the guests (no, not the working Guinness pump) but the Das Brass walking band which blasted away a few cobwebs and got everyone on their feet for the evenings dancing. It’s amazing what a brass band and a drop of the black stuff can do to fire up a dance floor. I think the only thing might have taken the edge off it all was the smell of fresh pizza wafting in from the wood fire pizza oven! What an incredible day. Bruisyard Hall spring wedding.

“Wow, these photos are amazing, thanks Jim!”
Niamh & Dan

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