I’m playing catch-up with blogging weddings from this year and the first bit of catch-up is the Norfolk wedding of Isabella and Ben from May. I drove up to North Norfolk on the Friday afternoon beforehand and the rain was lashing down sideways; I stopped off in Sheringham only to see the locals and tourists alike wrapped up in thick winter coats and woolly hats – I wasn’t getting the warm, early summer vibe I was hoping for! But yet again this year, the weather had kept us on our toes until the very last minute and the day itself turned out to be blue skies and rain free. If I had hair, this changing weather would be turning it grey! Rain or shine, this was going to be a great wedding, energy levels were off the charts and emotions were almost tangible.

Norfolk wedding photography

Unusually though, Isabella’s bridal preparations were pleasantly relaxed where as Ben was a bundle of nerves. St Martin’s Church in Overstrand is large but still managed to create a very intimate service and superbly guided by the vicar and his guitar. Off to the Sea Marge Hotel for the wedding reception, a short walk from the church. A blustery sea breeze kept most of the guest close to the hotel but Isabella and Ben were happy to venture off around the grounds – after the meal we even headed off to the beach for a few shots as well. Unfortunately the tide was in and waves were battering the shore which meant we couldn’t get onto the beach but every cloud has a silver lining in that one of Ben’s favourite hobbies is sea fishing. An unsuspecting fisherman dressed very sensibly in waterproofs and sou’wester was a little taken a back when an incredibly glamorous bride stepped up and asked if she could borrow his fishing rod for a few casts! A superb opportunity for some great and unusual photos, and a very happy memory of a bemused fisherman! And it will be one of many, many endearing memories of a stunning and unusual wedding from such a lovely couple. Norfolk wedding photography.

Norfolk wedding photography Norfolk wedding photography Norfolk wedding photography

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