There are two different ways of putting together a Parents Album.


The simplest is a smaller duplicate of the main album. This is an exact replica of the main album usually about 2/3rds the size; same choice of covers and other options.


The other option is to have a 9x9in or 12x12in album with up to 50 images in. Choice of linen or Sumeria Vinyl Cover.

Exact replicas

Exact replicas of the main album are pretty much that! They are usually 2/3rd the size of the main album. They have all the same options as the main album. Prices depend completely on the type and size the main album is. Coffee Table replicas start at £195 and Matted album replicas start at £295

9x9in or 12x12in albums

These are matted parents albums, usually with between one or two images per side and between 20-100 images in the album. They come in two sizes (9x9in and 12x12in) with either black or white pages and either linen (oatmeal or storm grey) or sumeria vinyl cover (black or white).


Prices will be individually quoted depending on the final amount of sides you choose to use but a rough idea of pricing would be:


9 x 9 Small Square with 10 sides – £145

9 x 9 Small Square with 30 sides – £245

12×12 Square with 10 sides – £195

12×12 Square with 30 sides – £295