Lila & Davide | Kew Gardens, London

Thank you Jim for your tireless efforts on our wedding day.

We were married at the London Oratory and also at Kew Gardens – two markedly different venues, both of which Jim made every effort to scout out beforehand to understand the best shots for whichever weather conditions we would be facing! Jim is fantastic at, among other things, preparation. In the maelstrom of planning that accompanies a wedding, Jim’s detailed questions of how one imagines one’s wedding and particular shots/family members/events on which to focus, are a dream.

He truly took the time to understand us and to understand our values and our hopes for our wedding day. I imagine most brides hope that all the candid photos will be captured – Jim did this and more. Me frying eggs with my cousins and laughing hysterically, my father crying with the maid of honour comforting him, my friends’ reactions during the wedding speeches… Jim will capture everything touching and sentimental. He also managed to take some absolutely stunning photos at night, with the reception venue lit up in a fiery orange and our profiles silhouetted against the backdrop. Thank you for being an invaluable, essential feature of our wedding. We treasure your photos and will be forever grateful for all your efforts.