Lucy & Tom | High Easter, Essex

We honestly can’t express how fantastic Jim was – both in the months running up to our wedding and the big day itself. He was extremely helpful throughout our preparations by suggesting what works well and what doesn’t based on his experience, and took a lot of time to capture the essence of what we are like as people and what our day would be like so that he could get the best photos. He is a very calm and reassuring presence on the day, and is extremely discreet in going about taking the photographs.

As well as producing fantastic photographs (and lots of them!) he also went truly above and beyond in several instances. Overall, superb photos, a truly fantastic person to work with and great value. I actually said to my now husband that he should be charging more considering the quality of his photos and the extent he went above and beyond. Thank you Jim for our wonderful photos and for all you did in the run up and the day itself.