Sibton Park wedding photos

These photos are fantastic!! Thank you so much, they capture the day perfectly

Sibton Park wedding photos. So, it’s a crisp, clear and fresh November morning and I’m walking across the parkland from the front gate of Sibton Park to get my first photograph of the day. Normally this is a photo of Sibton nestled in behind the lake basking in the glorious winter sunshine. As I get close to the far bank of the lake, I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing. Four men, I assume the groom and ushers, walking to the lake in white dressing gowns. Off come the dressing gowns, a few hesitant looks at each other, then a dash along the jetty and into the lake. There’s a few silent screams, the only noise you can make when you jump completely into freezing cold water! This is how Sam, the groom, decided he would start the day.

Wedding photography at Sibton Park

Meanwhile, the girls were enjoying the comfort of the Dolls House room where they could watch from their window the boys going for their dip. As admiring as they were of the boys enthusiasm, I don’t think they weren’t that keen to follow. Prosecco and pampering seemed to be more the order of the morning. I enjoy a swim but I think I’m with the girls on this one. Amy’s bridesmaids were also treated to some very special personalised gifts. As with so much of this wedding, Amy & Sam had put a huge amount of time and effort into the details. But had also made the whole day seem effortless. A great sign of teamwork.


Winter wedding at Sibton

The day was pretty flawless. The weather was kind and the planning was perfect. Everything was kept in check with toy walkie-talkies, great for getting Amy’s dad to bring up more prosecco from the kitchen. One of the huge benefits of Sibton is that it is all self-contained. A short walk down the grand staircase and into the orangery for the ceremony. Then back into the house for the reception drinks. With the sunny weather, we were able to get outside for confetti and some group photos before heading out to get some golden hour portraits. You are spoilt for opportunity here!

Sibton wedding sparklers


Sibton wedding celebrations

Sibton and the surrounding area had a lot of significance for Amy’s family growing up. It’s always nice to see the connections carried on and built up as the years go on. Both families coming together and celebrating such an important event – and having an absolute blast of a party with it a well! Speeches are always a telling time at a wedding and these were no exception. Not a dry eye in the house, even after Sam’s perfectly pitched ribbing from his best man. All that was left to do was crack open the espresso martinis and get the band going. Well, a few sparklers first, then partying until it was time to put on the orange swimming trunks and head back into the lake for a refreshing dip!