Somerleyton Hall wedding of Heather & Andrew

Somerleyton Hall wedding photography. What a belting day! I sat with Andrew in the pub down the road from Somerleyton Hall when we first met to discuss wedding photography back in Easter. Two blokes, in a pub, talking weddings. To be fair, it didn’t get very far into the details of the day before the conversation got derailed! But the most important thing you quickly realize about Andrew is what a top fella he is, one of life’s real gems. We had time to burn as Heather was having her trial hair and make-up done and it was taking longer than she had expected. Not sure why, she looked absolutely stunning when she walked in, a natural beauty & the perfect match in every way for Andrew. The one thing you noticed about these two lovely people were the connection they have with each other, the smiles said it all.

Somerleyton Hall wedding photography

And it was no different on the day itself. Their nerves before the ceremony were palpable. This day meant so much to them. The ceremony itself was an emotional affair, not a dry eye in the house! But the day was very much about the great chemistry between the two of them. Needless to say Heather looked absolutely stunning (Andrew scrubbed up well ‘n all!) We were even lucky enough to have a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon.


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