St Pauls Cathedral wedding photos of Andrea & Barry

Here are a few of my favourite images from Andrea and Barry’s stunning wedding at St Pauls Cathedral. They were married in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, in the OBE Chapel, and celebrated their wedding reception in the gardens of the Royal Hospital, home of the Chelsea Pensioners on the banks of the river Thames.

The day started in a hotel in Chelsea with some of the most stunning views of the Thames and London itself. If it wasn’t for the fact that the next venue was St Paul’s Cathedral, I would have been tempted to convince Andrea to keep the wedding here! Over to St Paul’s to meet a rather understandably nervous Barry, can’t help but feel a little daunted by the history and grandeur of this place. The OBE Chapel is a smaller intimate part of the Cathedral but even so, still impressive. Andrea had the privilege of walking through the main part of the cathedral before heading downstairs to the crypt, something that I suspect will stop happening with more and more tourists making the most of the public areas.

After the ceremony, it was over to The Royal Hospital Chelsea where a huge marquee had been put up – thankfully Andrea and Barry had plenty of family and friends to fill it!

St Pauls Cathedral wedding

I’ve not seen two more excited people than Andrea and Barry before their wedding! Doing St Pauls Cathedral wedding photography is always a great privilege and guaranteed to get some impressive images, it really wasn’t a patch on how intense the chemistry between Andrea and Barry was. They were married in the crypt of St Pauls Cathedral in the OBE Chapel but got to walk through the main cathedral on the way too and from the ceremony, which can be an imposing and daunting prospect. But they were far too excited to worry about that! After the ceremony, it was off along the Embankment to the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea for a the reception in a huge marquee (and I mean ‘huge’, comfortably fitted two or three standard marquees in there). Again though, however impressive, nothing could compare to how lovely Andrea and Barry were together – fantastic day and lots to look forward too in the very near future!


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Chelsea Hospital wedding

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