Steam Punk Wedding

Secret Meadows, Woodbdridge

Steam punk wedding at The Secret Meadows. An incredible wedding in every sense. A stunning couple, so much in love. A steam punk theme with an Alice in Wonderland backdrop. A ceremony under an ancient oak with celebrations in a Secret Meadow. The wedding that keeps giving.

Steam punk wedding. This was one spectacular wedding. With one spectacular couple! Everything about this wedding was perfectly tailored to these guys and every element was unique. Now, I’m kinda hoping that the photos will do the work of describing what an incredible day it was as …well… I really don’t know where to start with this! As Steve said about it all “this is what goes on in Charley’s head …made physical..”.

Steam Punk wedding

To start, the venue had to be right. The Secret Meadows in Woodbridge fit the bill with full woodland campsite with woodland paths and trails into separate parts of the woods. Under the canopy of an ancient oak was the ideal place for the ceremony and the reception in a pocket of trees to one side. Then a winding walk through to an open field where they had put up a yurt for the evening part of the wedding. Every part of the woodland had been decorated with so many different mad hatter, Alice in Wonderland and extraordinary story telling elements. It was quite simply magical. Now, compared to the day itself, that is a very dry description of what went on!

The ceremony itself was full of dancing, singing, joy and laughter. Full! And not a dry eye in the house (or wood). Any wedding where the decision to see who says their vows first is made with a game of rock, paper, scissors goes down well in my book.

Festival wedding photographer

Festival wedding photographer. Every element was truly unique and personal to them. None more so than Charley’s dress and Steve’s outfit, just look at those brilliant headdresses! The ceremony was pretty spectacular so much singing, joy and laughter and the evening was no different, so full of fun. Charley and Steve had made a huge effort to put on this wedding and the love for these guys was reciprocated by all the guests who there; the love from every single guest towards this incredible couple was tangible. So much of the day was put together by the help of individuals, it was a huge community effort. And the rewards were worth it, an incredible day that won’t be forgotten!


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