Suffolk farm wedding photography of Louise & Ben

Spring wedding in Suffolk

Suffolk farm wedding photography. What an absolute blast! Louise and Ben were such a brilliant couple to work with. Their wedding was planned with the no-nonsense efficiency of pretty much every farm wedding I’ve photographed. It was also incredibly stylish with so much effort put into every detail of the day. But most importantly of all, there was a massive party at the end of it all!

I met them both the day before, just to run through the timings for the day ahead. They were both very much in farm mode, Ben’s priorities were still about working through logistics of what the crops were going to be doing over the next week than morning suits or wedding details. I photographed the wedding of the daughter of an oyster farmer in Brittany; her father was more anxious about having perfect weather on the wedding day as it would mean missing a day collecting oysters. It’s in the blood.

Summer wedding photos

There really was nothing to worry about. Ben was not only on time for his ushers lunch but immaculately suited and booted and looking very dapper. Louise looked absolutely stunning from the start of the day, even before her hair and make-up. Such a lovely warm reception from the family at the house, this was going to be an incredible day. Everyone managed to keep emotions under control until Louis walked down the stairs in her wedding dress. After that, things got pretty emotional, even the family dog looked a little flustered.

Brent Eleigh church wedding

Ben managed to hold it together as well, until Louise reached the top of the aisle and it all got the better of everyone. I was fine of course, although the flowers in the church must have brought on my hay fever. They both walked out of the church with a massive smile on their faces full of raw enthusiasm for life – pretty much how they faced the rest of the day and I suspect how they’ll face the rest of their lives.

The ceremony was intense and emotional. The party was large, loud and full of laughter and family and good friends. Just how it should be! Brilliant speeches with some awkward moments all round. And then a roaring party which only paused for some spectacular fireworks over lake. A lovely couple and a superb day.

Suffolk farm wedding

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