An engagement shoot with a difference. Well, sort of. This engagement shoot was done two days after Stephanie and Ian got back from their honeymoon! We had originally planned to do this shoot over a year ago but it was that week last summer when the rain started. You know that week, the one that lasted from about the beginning of April until the middle of September. When I was waiting at the original engagement shoot, I got a call from Stephanie saying “ummm…I wonder if we should postpone?” I was huddled under a tree which I was convinced was going to get uprooted by the wind. “Yeah …probably best” I replied. Thankfully the second attempt was a much (much) better day weather wise. Here is one of my favourites from the day – I did get a little bit of a funny look when I suggested disappearing into a hedge but all credit to them both, they were game for a laugh.


engagement shoot