‘A man stood up to give a speech and his opening line was to ask if everyone could hear him, especially those at the back of the room. A voice from the back piped up, “Yes, I can. But I’d be happy to swap with someone who can’t …”

This was one of many stories and jokes (and one of the few that I can repeat here) that Venetia’s father told during the morning of the bridal preps. He told us all that he needed to get out the slightly risqué stories before the wedding to make sure they didn’t end up in his speech later in the day. I suspect the ladies of the family may have had a quiet word long before the wedding about what stories and jokes he could and couldn’t include in his speech. For me though, his charm, gentle wit and generous spirit were part of a bigger picture – jokes were told to keep spirits up whilst the serious business of the day went on and that the serious business didn’t get too serious. And amongst the stories were quiet introductions to memories of his daughter that showed how proud he was of her, for all her achievements and to be at her wedding day, walking her down the aisle.

My father is Scottish and they have a long held tradition of not giving anything away. But I couldn’t imagine a better gift for Father’s Day than walking your daughter down the aisle to give her away. A very proud day indeed.

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