Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos. Clare and Luke had everything sorted for their wedding. And then, a couple weeks beforehand, things started to unravel, karma was keeping them on their toes. Their original photographer had some sad news and had to pull out of photographing their day and they contacted me. I was more than happy to take on the photography as the one thing I always look for when I meet a couple is great chemistry and these guys had it. I felt a little anxious to be stepping into someone else’s shoes but more than happy to be involved in a wedding with such a funny and generous couple.


The marriage itself was at Clare’s local church in Cockfield, a beautiful Suffolk country church and then it was onto Smeetham Hall Barn for the wedding celebrations. I like Smeetham Hall Barn as it’s a large 16th century wood-beamed building that is pretty much empty to start with and every couple creates their own style for their day. One of the things that stood out was the handmade chocolate tractor favours – it was a bit of a clue as to what Luke’s second big love of his life. And, although Luke was beaming with pride throughout the whole day, I think one of the happiest moments was when Clare said they could have their photo taken next to a large tractor. Boys hey! Luke did pay for it in his best man’s speech though!


Here are some of my favourite Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos from the day.


Smeetham Hall Barn wedding photos


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