Ooh, I do love a good bit of wedding confetti! As the bride and groom casually set off down the path, lined with their friends and family, the couple quietly assume they can stroll towards their waiting car before heading off for a well deserved glass of champagne. But no. With in a few paces they realise that it’s ‘heads down and onwards’, more a gentle charge than a stroll. The longer the line of people and the more confetti, the bigger and better the expressions on the couple as they come through it all. And just when they think they are through the worst of it, there’s another handful of petals waiting! I love this shot of Darren and Gemma from their wedding in Hornchurch, Essex. The only way we could realistically line guests up in the time we had was either side of a willow tree. Which meant that they had to duck under the branches and out the other side – expecting it all to be over, they were greeted by even more confetti.


wedding confetti

I know managing a confetti shot is not to everyone’s taste but when it works, it’s a lot of fun! The only downside, of course, is picking all that confetti out of your hair afterwards.

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