Syon House wedding

Syon Park wedding photographer. What an amazing day. I rate good weddings by the chemistry and Fiona and JB have great chemistry. Really great chemistry! They were both determined to enjoy their wedding day at Syon Park. But the sign of a good wedding, they were determined that everyone was going to as well. I loved the fun, love and laughter and there was plenty of it.

Syon House wedding

The ceremony was held in the Great Hall. The reception drinks in the inner court yard and all topped off with the evening in the stunning conservatory beautifully lit by Yes! Events. Being a Syon Park wedding photographer is always a joy but none more so when you have such a lovely couple to work with. You might notice as well that Fiona is quite keen on bubbles. Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.


When you walk onto the grounds of Syon Park and see Syon House for the first time, you have to remind yourself that you are barely on the fringes of London. Syon House is one of the last great houses of London but is settled in amongst rolling parkland, you feel you are in the middle of the English countryside. A calm and beautiful rural idyll only twenty five minutes from Central London. It is also one of the most impressive classical buildings. It is a space that keeps expanding the more you walk through it, from the Great Hall to the courtyard and around to the Great Conservatory.

It’s grand elegance is matched only by the romance of the venue. It’s an incredible place for a wedding.

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