Nether Winchendon House wedding photography

Buckinghamshire wedding venue

Nether Winchendon House wedding is a rare and glorious treat! It is full of historic grandeur yet quintessentially modest Englishness. Tucked away on the edge of the village of Nether Winchendon, it is surrounded by 600 acres of parkland and fields. It is exclusive, grand yet has a warm and friendly welcome that makes you feel like one of the family.

Nether Winchendon Wedding Planning

It is an impressive walk down the drive to the house and around onto the rolling lawns on the front terrace. Guests make the most of the sprawling garden down to the stream and iconic white bridge. A champagne reception terrace is a gentle and elegant way to enjoy a wedding reception. The sun shines on the terrace in the afternoon, bathing the ancient stonework in a romantic golden light. It is then a short walk up to the carriage barn where the day takes on a more relaxed rustic feel.

The carriage barn lawn also gets the best of the sunshine during the afternoon and provides another opportunity for a reception or a post-meal chill. After the meal, the barn is turned around to provide a large space for the evenings dancing whether it’s kicking your heals off to a ceilidh or going full blast to a DJ. More often than not, your wedding ceremony will be outside of Nether Winchendon House at one of the local churches and you’ll head to the house for the celebrations. (There are other options but for planning reasons, I’ll try and keep this simple!) Stephanie & Ian were married at St Nicholas Church which is only a couple of hundred yards walk from the house – Nikki & Michael had a civil ceremony in London and a Hindu blessing in their marquee.

You always need to make two plans, a ‘wet weather plan’ and a ‘dry weather plan”. We always hope for a dry, lovely sunny day but it’s always good to make sure you have something in place should the weather not be as brilliant as hoped! When it comes to planning your photography, you need to manage your group/family photos and some time with just the two of you. If the weather isn’t great, I wold suggest doing the family/group photos at the church. With proper planning and management, it can be done relatively easily, space for groups indoors is limited at Nether Winchendon. But of course, the weather is going to glorious which means you will be spoilt for options – depending on how many photos you want and how many are in each group, you can have them on the front drive or on the lawns below the terrace. Every wedding has different needs so I’d be happy to advise you on what would be the best option for you. The other part the day to manage as far as photography is concerned is sometime with just the two of you. You are pretty spoilt for opportunities in the grounds of Nether Winchendon. I usually suggest a 10 minute session after the all the formalities of the group photos are done. You will feel a lot more relaxed at this point and ready for a quick breather. All the best opportunities are within a short walk so we can usually get a fair range of photos, every efficiently.

There will be more opportunities during the golden hour where the sun is just setting and again if there is a sunset or just when it gets dark. Again, with a little planning these things can be done with minimum of fuss and time but get some truly memorable images.