One of the best ways of displaying your wedding photos is in a beautiful printed, bound and bespoke designed album. A truly unique way of showing the story of your day, creating an heirloom for generations to share.

There are two main types of album; a contemporary Coffee Table Book album where the photos are the pages; or a more traditional Matted album

Every album is unique in that you can choose the images to go into the album and help with the design process. You also have a range of choices of page and cover types.


Coffee Table book albums are essentially where the pages are the photographs themselves. The photos/design can spread across the middle of the page without being interrupted by the fold of the book. This creates a large space to put the design of your album in.

The pages themselves are thick board giving the book a proper album feel. The albums come in a range of sizes (square/landscape and horizontal/vertical) with a full range of cover options (linen, photo, leather etc). These albums include the 1st 100 images of the design but you can add extra images as well.


Matted albums are more traditional where the photographs sit under board mats. The albums have a traditional feel but also a contemporary edge in that they bespoke designed and hand bound. They have a wide selection of covers including leather, wood & metal as well as options for various different types of mats.


Press printed books are much more like books than albums. Their pages are the same weight as you would find in a standard book (roughly 140gsm). The pages do not lay flat but fold into the spine. Any design using these books would tend to avoid putting anything across the spread of the page.


As the pages are much thinner, you can fit more pages in than the coffee table book. More pages means more images, twice as many. They have a full range of covers (leather, linen, photo).


Lay flat option. There is a ‘lay-flat’ option where the pages can lay flat much the same as the coffee table books. These are available in 12x12in or 7x7in with image wrap covers only.


Parents albums tend to be more traditional versions of the main album with fewer images but equally elegant. Parents albums are have either simple or delux options, depending on budget. Each style has the same bespoke design process.


Mini replica versions can be made up in roughly 1/3rd or 2/3rd sizes from your main album. The larger replica books can make ideal Parents Albums and the smaller books, gifts for your ushers and bridesmaids. **These are exact replicas, must be ordered at the same time as your main album.


Each album is unique. You choose the images and have as much say in the design as you like. Depending which type of album you decide on, you can choose your cover options, page styles, embossing, cameo and much, much more.

Designs are kept clean and elegant. An initial design is put together and posted online where you can make as many changes as you like.

Only when you are completely happy with your design, we’ll order the album. It can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks for it to be printed, bound and delivered.


  • If you need your album for Christmas, the cut-off date is 15th November.
  • once your album is ordered, no more changes can be made.