I knew this wedding was going to be special. We needed a bit luck with weather to make it perfect. But even if it was to rain, Bella and Henry would have outshone any grey clouds. What an incredible couple, so perfect for each other, and a testament to them was a fantastic crowd of friends and family. The law of weddings is that the dance floor is usually busy for the first three or four songs and then there’s an unspoken nod amongst the dancers as they head off to the bar (usually somewhere between ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ and “Michael Buble”) for a well earned pint.

But as soon as the first dance looked like it was coming to an end, the floor filled with what felt like every guest at the wedding. And it pretty much stayed that till the end. I normally stay photographing until that natural lull around the 4th or 5th song, which I suppose I did at Bella and Henry’s wedding – it just so happened that that lull was the last song. Which meant that I got to photograph them leaving through an arcade of wedding sparklers, one of my many, many favourite moments from a brilliant day. And just to make it perfect, the weather did behave itself and gave us a clear skies into the evening!



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