Blimey – it was chilly! Well, you’d expect it to be as it was a wedding in December …but really, it was a bit blummin’ frisky for Nicola and Alastair’s Alpheton Barns winter wedding. We did have the bonus of glorious winter sunshine all day which took the edge off things and meant we also had brief opportunity for some photos outside. But even so, we headed from the church and into the barn impressively quickly. We had half an idea that if it wasn’t too cold, we could do all the family group shots outside – needles to say, we were very grateful to have access to the South Barn where we could do the photos indoors. Much easier in the warmth with a glass of bubbly to hand! The day was simple, elegant and very stylish; add to that great family and friends and you have a winning combination for any wedding.


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  1. Nice to get some good winter light to play with – the low shot of the groom and his men, ahead of the ceremony, is a belter!

    1. The sun was hugging the horizon all day, blummin’ lovely!