Anstey Hall wedding of Nams & Chris

Anstey Hall wedding. I just laughed all day. I was quietly chuckling to proper belly laughs. Nams and Chris’s wedding was just one of those superb days where everything was filled with fun, pure enjoyment and laughter. Just such an amazing couple, so much energy and positivity. All mixed in with a little bit of mischief as well! I am always asked “what can I do to make sure I get better photographs on my wedding day?” and my reply is always simple, smile and enjoy yourself. These guys smashed that advice out of the park.

“You’ve captured the day just perfectly.. and looking through them, Chris and I and many of our friends and family have often said “I don’t even remember Jim taking that one!!!!”. Just one example is the set of pics of the wedding car & confetti!! Seriously, you must have been a ninja in a former life. On the day, we both loved that you were able to calmly manage our excitable guests for the various group photos and also your gentle manner in asking if we were up for some couple-y shots alone at various times. But more than anything, we loved that taking photos didn’t takeover the day, and yet you have given us hundreds of wonderful moments and memories to be able to look back upon for the years to come – they will be cherished!”


Both Nams and Chris got ready at Anstey Hall. There was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere at the hall with an informal lunch, guests gathering, chatting and catching up. All the guests then headed off to the ceremony at Nams’s old college at Pembroke. Bright, bold sunshine throughout the day making the ancient college walls a bright golden yellow and the perfect opportunity to crack open the sunglasses.


The wedding ceremony was held in the chapel at Pembroke. Followed by champagne reception in the college gardens. It meant we could all enjoy that rare privilege of being in amongst the quiet calm and grandeur of a Cambridge college on a perfect summer’s day. With plenty of the afternoon sunshine left, the guests headed back to Anstey Hall for a few more drinks on the terrace before heading into the marquee for a lush buffet.

If having his shoes stolen all day wasn’t bad enough for Chris, he had a proper roasting during his speeches. There was nowhere to hide! After the meal, guest enjoyed a huge firework display. The fun didn’t stop there as one of the grander rooms of the Hall was turned into a full on casino. Top prize was a bottle of champagne but the competition was more for the glory.

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